Hey there! I am Maristella Bertram.

Organizing is my passion, but I understand if it’s not yours.

I am here to help. I invite you to imagine the many possibilities your home holds.

Many reasons bring clutter and disorganization into our lives. No matter what those reasons might be, I can show you the way out.

Organization, cleanliness, energy balance, and design are the four dimensions to reclaim your space. These four dimensions build upon each other to create a home that helps you live your best life and attain your goals. Organization happens to be the foundation upon which everything else occurs.

Regardless of your dwelling circumstances, paying attention to these four aspects in your space is how you make a home truly and uniquely yours. A home that is in alignment with you supports your efforts and goals and becomes a true refuge from the stress of everyday life. You might start seeing life in a different way.

Enjoy the flow, the bliss, and the power that comes with a home that nourishes and delights you. This is a home you do not want to leave. I invite you to fall in love with your home again.

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Fall in love with your home again!

Our process aims to bring your space from where it is now to something completely new, customized to your needs, and completely done. If your closet seems to swallow your most precious designer bags and you really want to wear your Jimmy Choo’s but can’t find them, let’s create a luxurious closet that allows you to not only find your precious pieces, but to also visually enjoy them with that boutique feel we love so much.

Are you parking your car outside because the golf clubs and holiday décor take over the garage space? Let’s transform that garage into a space you won’t even want to leave! Nothing cooking in your newly renovated kitchen? Have a kitchen that supports your efforts and your health and that makes cooking in it a culinary joy.

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Our process aims to transform your space into a home that supports your life goals, brings you peace, and nourishes you. We offer you an uncluttered, bright, efficient, and
well-designed home

you will be proud of.

Say yes to living your best life! Let’s get started.

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Let your organizers totally transform your space while creating efficient systems and storage solutions that will make your life easier and re-establish order and stylish serenity. We’ll design that space that you will love and that is easily maintained.
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We still can help you reclaim your space even when working in person with an Organizer is not possible. With Virtual Organizing you do the physical part of the job while your Organizer guides you. This option is more affordable and requires less time commitment than Hands-on Organizing. You will own this!
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Organization Roadmap

The Roadmap is an ideal solution for clients seeking to complete their project on their own, with the help of a plan or some guidance. This is a plan that will confidently carry the client forward in the process of maximizing the home’s potential.

Maristella transformed our home!! I can’t use enough words to express how grateful we are for her. She helped organize our home to be functional and yet homey. She worked with my husband to surprise me with my dream closet! She is very caring and very knowledgeable. When things needed to be thrown away or donated, she handled my feelings so well and helped me understand why they were unnecessary things. Highly recommend her to anyone! No job is too big or small. She will change your life!!

– Jami C. – Frisco, TX

Maristella Bertram is the owner of My Space Reclaimed and an amazing organizer. I’ve never met someone more passionate about life that expands into her work, and her clients are always so pleased with how she helps them. Maristella is a true master of her craft.

-Beverly C. – Dallas, TX

I have worked with Maristella, from My Space Reclaimed, on some challenging organizing jobs. She is light-hearted but at the same time exerts just the right amount of pressure on the client in order to efficiently advance the job. Her ability to make the client feel safe and at peace is outstanding. Maristella is friendly, gentle, and supportive. I observed that clients feel they are moving forward towards the achievement of their goals and that they experience relief working with her.

-Clarissa, Lewisville

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