Hey there! I am Maristella Bertram.

Organizing is my passion, but I understand if it’s not yours. I am here to help.

Many reasons bring clutter and disorganization into our lives. No matter what those reasons might be, I can help you understand them and show you the way out.

As a Professional Organizer, I empower individuals to take control of their home environment through organization.

I will invite you to redefine your relationship with your space and your belongings, so you can reclaim your space and enjoy home again.

Let’s design organization systems to fit your style and the way you live. Let’s declutter, organize, and design your space – all while restoring proper energy balance.

Whether you need to tweak some areas to make them more functional, perfect that special place, or need to declutter an entire home, I will work with you to achieve your goals quickly. The result will be a home that boosts your productivity and is organized in style.

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Fall in love with your home again!

Our process aims to bring your space from where it is now to something completely new, customized to your needs, and completely done. If your closet seems to swallow your most precious designer bags and you really want to wear your Jimmy Choo’s but can’t find them, let’s create a luxurious closet that allows you to not only find your precious pieces, but to also visually enjoy them with that boutique feel we love so much.

Are you parking your car outside because the golf clubs and holiday décor take over the garage space? Let’s transform that garage into a space you won’t even want to leave! Nothing cooking in your newly renovated kitchen? Have a kitchen that supports your efforts and your health and that makes cooking in it a culinary joy.

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Our process aims to transform your space into a home that supports your life goals, brings you peace, and nourishes you. We offer you an uncluttered, bright, efficient, and
well-designed home

you will be proud of.

Say yes to living your best life! Let’s get started.

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Let your organizers totally transform your space while creating efficient systems and storage solutions that will make your life easier and re-establish order and stylish serenity. We’ll design that space that you will love and that is easily maintained.
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We still can help you reclaim your space even when working in person with an Organizer is not possible. With Virtual Organizing you do the physical part of the job while your Organizer guides you. This option is more affordable and requires less time commitment than Hands-on Organizing. You will own this!
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Whether staging to sell or designing to dwell, we help you transform your space into something amazing. This can be done in person or through our virtual design system that offers you detailed 3-D floorplans with every possible detail to implement your design.

Maristella is a great consultant, motivator, inspiration, digging through the roots of my “organized chaos” and spreading her positive energy to my upcoming organized and reclaimed living spaces. Her ability to help me refocus and to empower me will be a lasting gift.

– Hope, Dallas

Maristella is a ball of energy. She whipped my small condo into shape and helped maximize the space. She pushed me to let go of old things I no longer needed to make room for clarity.

– Jodi, Dallas

My Space Reclaimed blessed my family and our home! They reorganized my kitchen and did an outstanding job! The time and money were very much worth the investment! We purged, organized, placed items appropriately for maximum efficiency, and put systems in place to maintain the space once organized. They asked me questions to understand why something was the way it was and explained cause & effect. I am looking forward to working with them again. They are helping me restore peace and balance in our lives. Thank you very much – a great experience!

– Deris R. – Arlington (March 2020)

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