A week after one of my newest clients moved into her new house, she called me in desperation. She had several issues:

  • living in an incomprehensible mess that movers left her with
  • could not find clothes to wear
  • did not know where anything was
  • lacked the time to get organized
  • had a significantly reduced space to allocate her belongings
  • lacked the time to buy the things she needed to make the home functional

A week later, with patience, love, the right questions answered, the right tools, and some out-of-the-box thinking, this client had a dream closet where everything she needed at hand fit. Her closet was not only functional, but also made it a joy to get ready.

A Professional Organizer will:

  • help you declutter your home for a faster, more profitable sale.
  • help you purge what should not make the move to the new home for a less expensive move and less struggle fitting everything in the new space.
  • pack logically to simplify the process of setting up your new home.
  • adapt systems you had in place or design new systems to improve your everyday functionality and efficiency
  • ensure the presence of design and functional components to maximize your comfort and style.
  • Transform your new house into a home.

Food for Thought

Some empty spaces are simply not meant to be filled. Learn to be comfortable with empty space. Many people are not. Empty space holds an infinite amount of possibilities. 

Is that what makes you nervous?

Food for thought - TouchPoint September 2018

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