Have you considered this? How many emails do you see when you open your inbox? We complain about the amount of emails we receive, yet we hardly do much to control that. Has it ever crossed your mind that you could turn that around and use your inbox as a tool to stay on top of things? View post .

How Many?

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So nice-looking is almost pointless to resist it, right? If you install a piece like this on your wall, do it for its décor value. Very valid reason indeed.  But If you intend to use it to sort papers, make sure this piece works for you and that you have a system that you will follow. Otherwise, this little cute piece can become a “catch it all” that will turn into your worst nightmare.



Wall Sorter 1024x680 - TouchPoint November 2018

In her book Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui, Karen Kingston says:

“Everything in your outer life, especially your home environment, mirrors your inner self. Conversely, everything in your home has an effect on you, from the smallest object, to the largest design structure. Most people are not aware of the huge effect their home and work environment have on them. They usually think of buildings as being something in the background, not realizing that they can help or hinder their progress substantially. They respond unconsciously without even knowing they are being affected. On some level, consciously or unconsciously, you have chosen where you live, chosen everything in it, and positioned items wherever they are. It all has a significance and an effect. Your home is a living portrayal of everything you are and what is happening in your life.”


Some Feng Shui Wisdom

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One of my latest projects involved organizing the kitchen of a home built in the 70’s. Built in the “Era of TV Dinners”, this kitchen did not have a pantry. We organized the space so that a cabinet was reserved to function as such. Dealing with a cabinet instead, some adaptation was in order. Only the small and narrow sizes of the selected container system were incorporated to create a mini version of what we would have otherwise achieved in a regular pantry. Overflow product was neatly stored in the adjacent laundry area. That space did have a large cabinet that could serve this function well. Everything needed for food preparation, eating, cooking, and snacking was accessible in this kitchen now.



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Holiday Wishes

Xmas Card 2018 - TouchPoint November 2018