With 2019 Come New and Better Things

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Joy Spark?

2 - TouchPoint February 2019

Are you into the Marie Kondo hype yet? I’m glad she has raised awareness about our industry, but people need to know her methods might not work for everyone. For a good article about why that is, go here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/marie-kondo-konmari-hoarding-disorder_us_5c421b8be4b0a8dbe1712844?
That is not to say there are no positives in her ways. Here’s a blog post about things we could learn from her series on Netflix:  https://www.clevergirlorganizing.com/2019/01/10-things-i-hope-you-get-out-of-marie-kondos-tidying-up-and-no-spark-joy-isnt-one-of-them/?


The True Power of Essential Oils

3 - TouchPoint February 2019

From pure cosmetics to better, pure cleaning… From losing weight to helping surpass your own limiting beliefs… Have you ever really considered the power of essential oils?
I recently came across a technique that employs essential oils to help people get rid of their mind clutter, so to speak. It is called the “Aroma Freedom Technique” (AFT for short). This technique uses the power of pure essential oils to shift a person’s mental state, mood, and ability to take positive action. Through this process you learn how to identify what you really want in life, what is blocking you, and how to release those blocks in a matter of minutes.
Many times clutter is subconsciously used as a shield to protect us from inner struggles and issues we have not faced. AFT is a good alternative to gently start facing those issues and freeing ourselves from limiting believes that impede us from moving forward. To experience the AFT technique, contact Dr. Elizabeth Naylor at [email protected]. Dr. Naylor is a doctor in Holistic Nutrition and is a certified AFT practitioner.
The effort to remove clutter from our lives is usually motivated by a higher purpose. Within that purpose, there are usually higher goals of life improvement. The organizing process summons considerable energy shifts that, although necessary and beneficial, are not always easy to deal with. The energy moves, so you can make space to new and better things, taking away what no longer serves a purpose in your life. Turns out essential oils can help in a myriad of ways throughout the journey of discovery and achievement of those goals.
Want to know how these oils can help you achieve your goals? Perhaps you want to discover what’s next for you? Get in touch with Beverly Chin-Day, of Live Essentially Awesome and Live Well. She can certainly show you the mystic world of true essential oils!


What About Your New Year’s Resolutions?

4 - TouchPoint February 2019

January’s gone. What resolutions have you kept so far? Which ones have you abandoned? How’s that garage clean out coming along? That new car you got for Christmas, where is it sleeping?