Closet organization is one of the most important factors in terms of home organization. Having efficient systems in place is crucial to making your life easier, especially when you’re in a rush. Keeping your closet tidy, clean, and easy to browse through can make the difference in how you start your day. Here are some guidelines to help you with that.

Declutter and Purge

There is no way around this! Stay on top of your closet management. As soon as you realize that an article of clothing is unflattering, no longer wanted, in bad shape, or no longer fits, remove it from your closet. You will be amazed at how much space you can get back if you just take an objective look at the clothes you own and engage in a purging process.

It is incredible the things people keep in their bedroom closets thinking that the closet is the proper place for those items. No wonder we always hear clients complaining of not having space in their closets! Learn what your closet should really contain and let all other items find their proper place in the home.

If you can’t think of another place in your home where those items belong, it’s time to re-evaluate and purge all those other places in your home. You are keeping too many things. Let’s see what truly is supporting your lifestyle as it is today: who you are and where you want your life to go. Anything that does not support that is occupying valuable space needed for the good and better things that await you. Decide to purge!

Have a System

Classify your clothes either by color or style but have some type of a system. If the amount of seasonal clothes takes up too much of your closet, or if you do not have enough space to store clothing for all seasons, consider packing them away in air-tight bags or bins that you can store underneath the bed or on a higher shelf.

Place all your hangers in one direction. When placing the clothing piece back in the closet, place the hanger in the opposite direction, so you’ll know you’ve used that piece. This allows you to notice what you do not use, so you consider purging more often. It also allows you to rotate your wardrobe more often and possibly get creative with mixing and matching your clothing.

Always place empty hangers in a single location. This eliminates the need to fish them out later while putting your laundry away.

Assign Proper Storage

Finding the right storage solutions is always tricky, especially if you don’t have a walk-in closet. It is a very common mistake to rush out and buy containers when we decide to get organized. Doing so without first decluttering and purging is a mistake.

You need to first assess what you really need to “containerize”. For that, everything that does not belong in the closet needs to be removed and clothing needs to be purged. How are you going to realistically assess what storage solutions you need?

Consider the type of item you’ll hang as opposed to what you’ll want to keep folded, the number of items in each category, and the area where each category should go. These characteristics will determine the type of containers, the sizes, and the system you should incorporate, if any.

Vertical space is a commonly neglected in considering storage. Wall space and behind doors are sometimes suitable areas where we can place lots of items. Just make sure that things placed behind doors don’t interfere with those doors opening freely.

Stuff Your Boots and Handbags

There are many products in the market sold with the purpose of preserving the shape of your boots. They keep the boots upright, so your boots are not ruined by creases and marks. Despite the number of products available for this purpose, rolled magazines and stuffing paper will do just fine.

It is equally important to stuff your handbags. Handbags that are stored all stuffed in a drawer or a closet cubby or wilted on a shelf can quickly lose their shape or become ruined by creases or by rubbing against each other. For stuffing your handbags, stuffing paper or Ziplock bags of the appropriate size filled with air are great options.

Stuffing your handbags results in a better display, giving your closet a “boutique feel”. It will be a more joyful experience to look at your handbags while deciding which one you will take out for that day. Having your handbags more visible and accessible will increase their use and having them stuffed will preserve their shape, protecting your investment.

Empty Out Suitcases and Bags. Always!

Never put away your suitcases and bags without emptying them first. The amount of trash collected from our clients’ handbags and suitcases is astonishing.

Things get lost very easily this way. Know what you own and own what you have! Following this advise also makes it so much easier to pack for every new trip! It is easier to start fresh than to grapple with all the junk and expired products that remain in the bags from last trip, right?

Pay Attention to the Hangers

People seem surprised to learn they should remove the plastic covers from their clothes when they bring them home from the cleaners. The plastic used by cleaners is detrimental to the clothes’ fabric. Hangers should also be switched out. Hangers always come facing left, which is the opposite direction of what most people desire (if right-handed).

Also, cleaners use the wire hangers, which lose their shape, get rusty, get tangled, and make the clothes lose their shape. Wire hangers are the least desirable kind of hangers. Besides, you want your hangers to match in your closet, don’t you? It is amazing the difference It makes to have all the hangers look the same.

We recommend the space-saver velvet hangers because they prevent clothes from falling off the hangers or losing their shape. They save at least one third of the space in your closet (just by switching hangers!). If you purchase the appropriate clips to go with these hangers, you can transform them into skirt or dressy shorts hangers. This way, all your hangers look the same. Having the same type of hanger prevents hangers from tangling and provides a much better, efficient experience in your closet.

The Case of the Missing Socks

The amount of lost socks everyone experiences regularly is mind-boggling. Some people still insist that the dryer “eats their socks”!

If you and your family frequently experience this mysterious phenomenon, the best alternative is just to toss unmatched socks. Socks are cheap and your time trying to match socks is so much more valuable than buying a replacement pack.


Shoes should be stored off the floor, preferably on shelves. This way they are easier to access and don’t get lost in the infinite depths of your closet, gathering dust. You are more likely to rotate their use this way as well.


Scarves, bags and other accessories can be organized in soft baskets that go well with the closet color and look. These baskets are ideal to form a kind of a drawer in those built-in niches some closets have. If you do not have those in your closet, these baskets can live on the basic shelves every closet has. They will still provide an easier way to group accessories by category and will allow easy access to them by pulling out the needed basket.


If you are blessed with an ample closet, you might have space in it to create a jewelry section. If this is the case, there are countless ideas to design this space, so you can enjoy your jewelry. Just check on Pinterest and you’ll probably be overwhelmed with options!

On the other hand, if you do not have closet space to include your jewelry in that area, consider buying stackable trays for your jewelry. These trays are versatile, can be modified to your specific needs, and can be placed over your dresser.

Before you decide on a jewelry system, though, make sure to edit your collection. All too often, jewelry is a forgotten category of items where we tend to accumulate without ever purging. After deciding what is still relevant for you, select the system that will be able to hold the kind, size, and amount of jewelry pieces you keep. The important factor is to have all your jewelry in one area, preferably using one storage system.

Regardless of the size of your closet, keeping it in order is very important for your peace of mind. Getting ready in the morning really sets the tone for your day. Start your day in the most pleasing and efficient way possible: with a beautiful and organized closet.

If you’re not sure that you can do this on your own, don’t hesitate to get the help you need. Call My Space Reclaimed, LLC and get professional organizing assistance.