Your Best Self


Here are some statistics for you (courtesy of NAPO.NET)

  • 80% of what we keep we never use

  • 80 % of what we file never gets looked at again

  • We wear 20% of the clothes we own 80% of the time

  • 25% of people with two-car garages don’t park any cars in there and 32% park only one

And we still want bigger homes! The solution is not bigger homes or additional containers.  Let’s get rid of anything and everything that no longer supports our present self. As I recently heard someone say: “Organization brings us to the present”. Stop accumulating things to remind you of who you once were or who you would have loved to be. Celebrate who you are now. Own what you have and have what you own. Own a home where the space and the things in it support your present self and propel you to be your very best self.

Freedom - TouchPoint April 2019


Are You Done With Your Taxes Yet?


A survey conducted by Jodi Holzband in February of 2017 (1,021 Americans ages 21+) found that 54% of Americans would rather do taxes than spring cleaning. That says a lot!  You should NOT call me to help you with your taxes. Trust me, I hate that more than you can possibly hate spring cleaning. But you should most definitively call me (like now?) to help you with your Spring organization. Let’s do this!

Spring - TouchPoint April 2019


Fresh From The Oven!


The Container Store has launched a new line of closets: Avera. Read all about it here:

Avera - TouchPoint April 2019


Chaos At Its Best


Chaos at its Best - TouchPoint April 2019

When a room feels messy, the tendency is to add to that mess, making it even worse. It is as if the area gives itself permission for that to happen. The problem is compounded and frequently, the result is just giving up and letting go.

When some areas of the home get organized while some areas are left ignored, the mess in those forgotten areas keeps growing. The chaos spins out of control and eventually creeps back into those organized areas.

When I work with clients, it is my intention that they see how these dynamics take place. It is my hope they understand how, in a way, the organizing process is an all-or-nothing proposition.  If we see an area where clutter can “safely” go, the easy thing to do is to continue contributing to the clutter pile as if it would not make a visible difference. Oh, but it does! When there is no more space for the clutter to go, it will find its way out of that area into the rest of the home, one way or another.

However painful, however slow, with professional hands-on help or just coaching, I would like my clients to be able to commit to complete the organization of all areas in their home in order to really change their lives and move forward for good. When this process is correctly followed and for the right reasons, and when the lessons to be learned are being learned, the organizing process usually starts feeling more like a need. People report feeling inspired and wanting to keep going until the work is completed. That’s a way to recognize the shift in mindset that has occurred.