Summer is here and with that, two of my children’s birthdays. My oldest turns 16 and now she’s driving. No, I’m not ready for this. No one ever is anyway.

Are you all setup for Summer? Vacation, travel, camps? We are not! My world is not that perfectly planned as many would think. No matter what we’ll end up doing, I hope I will always keep documenting our “Bertram TV” episodes on social media. Our kids are a comic force to be reckoned with. They keep us laughing out loud every day. I’m truly blessed with this kind of crazy.


Summer Travel? Read This!

If you are like most people, you probably keep your travel bags and suitcases in your closet. You probably also have many travel size toiletry products in your bathroom, along with all those samples that everyone loves to give us (and we adore to collect). I will make a bold statement and say that inside those travel bags and suitcases there are things you left from your last trip or weekend out, that you don’t even remember leaving there. Want to see? Go now and check those bags (don’t forget the zippered pockets). You let me know…

In the meantime, read this:  Packing for Travel? 5 Tips That Take Stress Off Your List

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Clutter Holds You Back

I would like to share an excerpt of Karen Kingston’s Newsletter where she explains how clutter can hold a person back. She mentions how it is even pointless to try to attain personal growth prior to removing the clutter that surround us.

“There are the physical items you can see, and there is also the energetic side of clutter —the stagnant energy that accumulates around it that causes corresponding stagnation in a person’s life.
People with clutter-filled homes have no space in their life for anything new. Our homes are reflections of ourselves, and when the spaces we occupy are cluttered or disorganized, our lives feel the same way too. In the same way that it becomes more difficult to find things when you need them, so everything in life becomes harder and just getting through the day feels like a struggle. No wonder people who have clutter say they don’t have the energy to clear it!
When you finally give clutter clearing the priority it warrants, with each area of your home you reclaim, fresh energy is released into your life. And when you work through the backlog of things you need to do and bring yourself up-to-date, you become genuinely ready for change.”

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And She Said….

Maristella has a unique ability most of us lack. She does not fear chaos, she embraces it, manages it and breaks it down so it can be tackled by anyone. Maristella helped me face and manage my fear of being overwhelmed by too many things and paralyzed to do anything. The work she does is not easy, but she loves it. It was a great experience and I learned this process that really gets me motivated and moving. Now, there are times when I lose that luster, but I’ve contacted Maristella when this happens, and she gets me right on track. I call that beyond responsive. Maristella does go above and beyond expectations. She takes great pride in her work – it is a reflection of her.

Christina M., Fairview,TX


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