What are you grateful for? I believe we should be in perpetual state of gratefulness for each one of us has been blessed with abundant gifts. Even when life throws hard tests our way, upon coming out “on the other side”, we usually see it was all for the greater good. We emerge stronger, wiser, more understanding and emphatic of others. In my opinion, that is an enormous reason to be grateful. It makes us better human beings.
But there is something about this special time of the year that invites reflection. From a personal standpoint, I am emerging from one of those times in life where we only see the silver lining after the fact. It has been a rough couple of years for me. But now, parallel to this process, I’m witnessing amazing people sprout all around me like magic. People who humble me with their stories and honor me with their trust. These people grace my life and show me how blessed I am. For them, I am especially grateful this time of the year (and always).

Seasonal Décor…. Holiday Joy?

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Seasonal Décor

Few things seem to bring the house chaos to the surface like the holiday season. The gatherings, the cooking, decorations, the cold weather that makes us stay closer inside. The stability of our environment (or lack thereof) is exposed and put to the test like no other time of the year.
Sometimes, I see people living in true chaos preoccupied with seasonal décor and gift-giving and entertaining and baking. I can’t help but wonder if that is just a defense mechanism to avoid seeing the elephant in the room. What sense does it make to decorate a house that is in total disarray?
Some people might show no signs of being affected by the underlying disorganization of their environment, but this affects us all. At a mental level, clutter affects us consciously and unconsciously. If it is not at the forefront of our thoughts, it is still there like computer RAM. From an energetic point of view, clutter drains our energy.
Sometimes, we don’t notice the detrimental effects of a chaotic environment, especially when we have not known any better. But if only we could experience a different way, what would happen? How many possibilities would open-up? How much more efficient could we become? How joyful? Our environment is our foundation. If the foundation is not in order, we are on shaky ground.
Rather than being a roadblock in life, your home environment should support you and bring you joy. That joy starts with a commitment to having an organized and optimized space. Then, the whole family can have a great time decorating, sharing, cooking and eating together instead of fighting about not finding the dusty boxes, broken ornaments, or being in a bad mood because the house is a mess.
Having an “exit strategy” is equally important because the way you choose to close your holiday season will directly impact next year’s celebrations. If holiday decorations were not in order before, this is a good starting point. Decide to mindfully and purposefully store your seasonal décor in a way that they are preserved, honored, and accessible for the following year. Also, commit to putting your home environment in order. You will feel the difference! Stop fighting your environment. Make your environment work for you.

Want to experience a more joyful holiday season? Get your environment in order! Overwhelmed by the task? Call MySpace Reclaimed! You don’t have to do this alone. Know when to ask for the help of a professional. Let’s set a time to chat and see how we can walk that road together.

Is Your Dryer “Eating” Your Socks?

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Is Your Dryer “Eating” Your Socks?

I can’t tell how many well-educated, intelligent people I have known say the dryer “eats” socks. This makes me laugh hard. The truth is we’ve never uncovered the truth behind the mystery of the missing socks, but the result of this is the same in every household: a myriad of single socks that end up in a laundry basket, eternally waiting for their beloved companions.
It is a waste of time to collect mismatched socks for weeks, hoping to find the matching pairs. Most socks are cheap, and it costs more of your time and storage space to engage in this activity of collecting single socks. Stop wasting time and recover that extra laundry basket by donating your old or mismatched socks to a shelter near you.
Although we rarely think of donating socks, it turns out that socks are among the most needed items in shelters (probably because we usually don’t think of donating socks to start with). If we do think of donating socks, we might think we can only donate socks in perfect condition and socks in pairs. Not the case! When you have nothing, having mismatched or old socks to warm your feet doesn’t matter. With temperatures dropping this time of the year, it is the perfect moment to re-organize your drawers and take inventory of your socks. Donate those that you would otherwise throw away.

The Mess The Organizer Made

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The Mess The Organizer Made

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end”.This quote, from Robin Sharma, intensely resonates with me as an Organizer. As an Organizer, I bring a lot of change to my clients’lives. But this process is not always well understood by everyone involved. Thus, I got inspired to write a piece about it.
It is a brave decision for a client to engage a Professional Organizer, but it does not end there. Clients need to understand that indeed, “it will get worse before it gets better” and that the whole house needs to be considered as a unit. To understand how the process occurs, read my blog The Mess The Organizer Made.