Spring is around the corner!  While writing this newsletter on a beautiful Sunday, I’ve been listening to a couple of birds furiously chirping the whole day out of my balcony. I’m not the only one ready for Spring to come.  

With Spring comes new hopes and a fresh breath of air.  And we have some news to share.

Houzz Best 2017 2020 300x278 - TouchPoint – March 2020

My Space Reclaimed won Best of Houzz for the 4th year in a row!  Thank you all for the continued support that made this possible. Houzz is addictively wonderful if you are into home improvement and design. Follow us on Houzz as well!


Then, we reached and surpassed the 500 likes mark on our Facebook page.  Thanks to all our friends and fans. We love you!

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My Space Reclaimed was also featured in the Redfin article: Creative Ways To Maximize Space In A Small House. Good article! Don’t miss it.


And if you are a true organizing aficionado, we invite you to join a very unique Facebook group recently created for Organizers and related providers to advertise their services and share new ideas and products we all come across (and squeal with excitement).  This is the place where you will find all of it. This group is open to anyone. Visit the page and join us. Professional Organizers Products and Services

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Finally, I invite you all to follow us on Instagram.  Let’s see if we can expand the tribe there as well, the same way we did this on Facebook. Please visit our Instagram profile and follow us there (and tell everyone you know).

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Unstable Organization - TouchPoint – March 2020

When Faced With Uncertainty, Control What You Can

Feeling like it is the end of the world as we know it? From climate change (and the corresponding fight about who is right or wrong), the absurd political climate we are living in, racism and neo-Nazis  in the spotlight like we are in the 60s, the flu and coronavirus…. There is so much to make us feel uneasy and even desperate. This might not be too different from other moments in history but perhaps because of the internet and the easy, immediate access to news and information, it is easy to feel absolutely bombarded with things that make us wonder where do we stand in the middle of nowhere. 

When such feelings haunt us, we can really feel unbalanced and lost.  We might start feeling depression and those of us that suffer from depression already might sink even further.  I know those feelings are not easy to weather.

I do have a suggestion for us all: organize your immediate environment.  When you feel you can take control of your physical surroundings, then you can better manage your time.  Consequently, you might start feeling a sense of safety and security. You then realize you are not at the mercy of everything happening around you.  You won’t feel like a victim of so many uncontrollable uncertainties surrounding you. 

The message here is: control what you can control by taking care of your environment and your time.  And to do this, you organize your physical surroundings and your time. 

Please let me know if you need help with this.  I’d be honored to help you find some peace.



Zen Organizing - TouchPoint – March 2020

Restoring Proper Body And Mind Energetic Flow

Our environment can make us sick. I’m not necessarily referring to pollution, but rather the way we react to our environment.  We react consciously and subconsciously. We are energy. Everything around us is energy. Even the colors we see are no other than energy at different wavelengths.  As we know, colors have the power to impact our mood.

It is impossible not to react to our environment in one way or another. You might not react consciously, but our bodies know.  Our subconscious mind knows. I first learned about this through an acupuncturist, when he showed me how the “muscle test” works.  He proved to me that our bodies are the best lie detectors. The body can’t lie. The body has a mind of its own. 

So regardless of what our thoughts are and what we think we perceive from our environment, our subconscious mind and our body know the truths we might not be aware of, or which purposely try to ignore.

Read my latest blog, Restoring Proper Body And Mind Energetic Flow, where I discuss who our perceptions of the environment and our own lives can manifest in physical symptoms and disease.  Some ways to counteract this phenomenon are discussed.