It was New Year’s morning (some years ago).  As I lay half-awake in my bed, I saw my husband coming out of our bathroom.

“Good morning! Happy New Year!” I said.

His response almost caused me to fall out of bed laughing – “It would have been a much happier New Year if there had been toilet paper in the bathroom!”

To this date, I still laugh hard remembering the scene.

Joking aside, this is a situation that should never happen.  Oftentimes, we need a new bar of soap, but we notice when we are already in the shower.  Or we need a Q-Tip and there are none to be found.

I’d like to suggest we take care of restocking our supplies while doing the cleaning of an area.  It’s the same principle as changing the smoke detector batteries when the time changes.

The point is to be proactive and “schedule” the activity to ensure it happens before there is an unfulfilled need. That is the point of being proactive and scheduling things that need to happen on a routine basis.

If you schedule and proactively take on even the most menial of tasks at home, your brain will be much freer and your household will run like a well-oiled machine.