I think we can all agree we like this picture.

How would this picture look with boxes around, dirty dishes on the counter, half of the lights burned out, uncollected trash on chairs, breadcrumbs and all kinds of things belonging to the bathroom on the counters?  The magic is absolutely gone!

I like featuring beautiful interiors and exciting buildings on my feed to get my viewers in touch with their aspirational mode.

It really does not matter what you have or how expensive your home is.  If the space is all cluttered and/or dirty, no design in this world will stand out.

Don’t we all love staying in a hotel room? It might be because it is a new place, out of our routine. But I’d bet the neatness and simplicity has a lot to do with how we experience that hotel room.

It is the same magic that a perfectly staged, new model home exerts.  You might even purchase that same model home, but as soon as your big, disjointed, mixed-up moving boxes arrive into the space, the magic is gone as fast as it came.

The irony is that no matter where you live, you can have a place that excites you to the point of gasping.  You can absolutely be in love with your own place.

Yet, so many take their own home for granted.  They stop paying attention to details, they forget to repair broken items, they use their homes as storage space instead of living space.  When we stop really seeing our environment and stop keeping track of what we keep and why we keep it, clutter creeps up and disaster follows.

Hmm… that makes me think of relationships; like after some years of marriage, people start taking their partner for granted, stop trying, get bored, and simply don’t care.  What if we should try to keep the magic alive?

The grass is greener elsewhere?  I don’t think so.  Keep your grass green and enjoy it.