That laundry basket that does seem to find its way to its right place nor get empty…. Do you know that basket?

Families don’t have time to finish laundry.  Seems like cleaning up the kitchen is another problem for most people.  Laundry, paper and kitchen are the nemeses of so many!

The argument I hear over and over is “there is not enough time to keep the house in order”.   I think the problem here is lack is systems and lack of time management skills.

I started thinking about this the other day when I counted over ten car trips in a single day.  This was not an exception.  I have three children and I never had a chauffer, a maid, a nanny, or a cook.  There was a time in our lives (not that long ago), that I was averaging fourteen car trips a day.  And during most of my children’s lives, I have either worked outside the home or have been developing my business (and working with clients).

But in all these years, my home always looked and felt like the place you want to come to fully rest and recharge your energy.   This is to illustrate that my life is no different than yours in terms of time demands. I have no magic or external help.  What I have is good time management skills and systems. These are things we can all learn if needed or apply to the home if you already master them.

I have detected the most common pitfall of every “household manager” – not acting as a manager at home.  A good number of people do not apply to the home the same skill set that makes them successful at work.  Why not?

If you work outside the home, you have managed to keep your job.  Doing so has required you stay on top of things and not allow things slip through the cracks.  Regardless of the type of work you have, there are specific projects or task that are out of the ordinary, but there are many others that comprise your day to day.  Those tasks comprise the backbone of your job.  Whether you are supervising those tasks or executing them, the responsibility at some level, is yours.  If you stop paying attention, stop ensuring the processes happen and those tasks are thoroughly executed, things will go south rapidly.

Why can’t we all plan and execute like that at home? You might think it is because home is home and you want to rest and not think of chores and duties.  The irony here is that the more you think that way, the more chaotic your home environment will be and the less you are able to have a rest and relax at home.

Whether it is looking for the million things you can’t find in your home and buying duplicates (time, effort and money wasted), forgetting important family affairs, not having family time when you don’t even have a dining room table to gather together around, every single time you neglect your “duties” at home, a new roadblock is created that adds to the environment of chaos.  Not to mention the energetic shift that such chaos brings.  Are you sure your home is where you want to rest and forget about the stress of your job?

The first thing needed to run the home like a well-oiled machine is to schedule what needs to happen.  What get scheduled, gets done.

You would not leave it to chance or leave for “when you have time” to make those appointments with clients at work or write that report for the boss, right? Why not schedule house chores and involve everyone in the household? This way everyone contributes to the household (it is not a hotel, and Mom is not a maid).  Everyone will learn to execute all these domestic tasks.  This knowledge is very important.  Your kids don’t want to go to college to realize they don’t even know how to boil an egg.