Welcome Summer!

It has been a couple of strange months. This pandemic has made us step back and slow down our frantic pace. The results we are experiencing are simply amazing.

We have discovered new ways to work and creative ways to connect, stay healthy and entertain ourselves. Many (myself included) are realizing how much fun it is to stay home with our loved ones.

Being home with others brings to our attention the many things we have ignored about our environment. All those pending house projects, the lack of organization, and systems impeding our progress and productivity now confront us – we can’t elude them when we have nowhere else to go.

It is logical to turn our attention to those project now that we have the time to address them. Now is the time that we need an organized, restful and clean home environment to thrive in.

As a result of this need, My Space Reclaimed launched its first ever Facebook Live Series: My Desk Looks Great. All Papers Are On The Kitchen Counter. This series of four live events explores an organizing approach for your home and the systems that support you and increase your efficiency.

  • Episode 1- The organizing process in 12 steps
  • Episode 2 – Dealing with the aftermath of the initial organization
  • Episode 3 – Two key home systems: laundry and paper (+ closet tips)
  • Episode 4 – Efficient kitchen systems secrets

If you missed it, watch the replays here

Virtual Kitchen Organization - TouchPoint – June 2020

We are also very close to the 700 followers mark on our Facebook page!

Thanks to all our friends and fans. We love you! It is fun to learn and grow together. A feeling of community is emerging in our Facebook page as we provide remote guidance to our followers. Please keep us posted with your progress, submit questions, and send ideas for future Live Events to discuss your most pressing issues.

We are all in this together and My Space Reclaimed wants to do its part to assist you in achieving the organized, efficient home you and your family deserve the most at this time.

If you need help with your general organizing process or have particular challenges, we also offer virtual service. It is a practical way to get the assistance and information you need to achieve your organized nirvana.

The Greatest Pitfall In Home Management

Home Management - TouchPoint – June 2020

That laundry basket that does not seem to find its way to its right place nor get empty…. Do you know that basket?

Families do not have time to finish laundry. Seems like cleaning up the kitchen is another problem for most people. Laundry, paper and kitchen are the nemeses of so many!

I have detected the most common pitfall of every “household manager” – not acting as a manager at home. A good number of people do not apply to the home the same skill set that makes them successful at work. Why not?

Read this blog post to understand the source of so many roadblocks in household management.

Projects To Tackle Before Moving Into A New House

House - TouchPoint – June 2020

Decluttering your old home before you move and also organizing your packing according to the rooms in your new space, will result in a much easier unpacking process, a faster new home set up, and a better organization system after move-in.

My Space Reclaimed was featured by Redfin for the second time in their article:10 Home Improvement Projects to Tackle Before Moving Into a New House. Good read. Don’t miss it.

From Our “Warm & Fuzzy” Collection

Panda - TouchPoint – June 2020

“Maristella was such an asset for us. We recently completed a renovation and had her help us organize our closets and the kitchen. She not only helped us unpack and get everything in the right location, but also made sure to walk us through the organization systems to ensure we stay organized. Maristella also provides thorough notes and recommendations for products, which is much appreciated. She was also great working around our situation, including our territorial dog and numerous contractors in and out of the house. We highly recommend Maristella!”

Bensey (Dallas)

Not sure you can tackle organization on your own? You don’t have to. Let’s set up a time to talk. I’d love to hear about your situation and see if I can help. Contact me at 972-896-8933 or [email protected], and we’ll set up a time to chat.