Whether you get your medicines and supplements by mail or pick them up at the store, chances are you have an excess of bottles and extra packaging complicating your life and your space.  

I have a video about dealing with daily medicines and supplements more efficiently and consistently.  See it here: https://myspacereclaimed.com/videos/

But even if you do not follow the system suggested on that video, it serves you better to have all ingestible medicines and supplements in a single place in your home.  Doing so allows you to be aware of the amount of product on hand.  It is easier to manage your orders with the pharmacy and insurance plan as well. 

Also, some medicines and supplements come with an excess of packaging.  It is unthinkable having to go through it every single day to get your medicines or supplements. 

It makes sense to invest time in stripping your medicines and supplements from all that excessive packaging as soon as they enter your home and to be done with this process all at once.

Have you noticed how most supplements and medication bottles come half empty? How about consolidating all that product? It is a good idea to do so when the product to consolidate is the same type of product, with the same or similar expiration dates.

unnamed 1 300x223 - All That Packaging!

I have consistently decreased the number of bottles I get by half, by consolidating their contents. The amount of unnecessary packaging I remove is considerable and I gain amazing space in my cabinets just by doing this. 

Just look at the mess I discarded the minute this medication arrived in my home! 

It boils down to how diligent can you be at managing packages that enter your home and what you do after.