If you are a disorganized person, you probably realize that organizing is not something you do well by yourself. Frequently having another person in the room helps you to remain focused and continue organizing. But is that your case? Here are some points to help you decide if that person should be a friend or a Professional Organizer.  

Working with a Friend  

  • You know what to do but need a friend present who will sit quietly and keep you company
  • Your friend patient and non-judgmental
  • You work well with your friend
  • Your friend is objective and won’t try to impose his/her own idea of “being organized” on you
  • Your friend has the time to see you through the project and not leave you with a mess  

Working with a friend may be especially helpful to complete an organizing project you have begun on your own.

Working with a Professional Organizer

Hiring an Organizer is for you if:

  • You are unsure as to where or how to begin organizing
  • You need to learn organizing systems and techniques
  • You have a deadline for completing your organizing project (such as a move) 
  • You need the expertise of someone trained in the field of organizing
  • You suffer from a medical, physical, or psychological issue in addition to disorganization
  • You need ongoing organizing assistance or maintenance 
  • You need someone to help you organize large quantities of things or papers 
  • You want or need the objectivity of a neutral third-party  


If you answered “yes” to some or all of these questions, you will greatly benefit from the assistance of a professional organizer who is skilled in working with chronically disorganized people.