Yes…. You know you had a couple in that “junk drawer” in the kitchen…. But you can’t find them now.  Or maybe you did find one, but you need two!  Better yet, you found them, but they are expired.  It happens to everyone.

How about giving the batteries a home, like any other thing in your house?  Do not treat them as miscellaneous or junk items anymore.  Take the time to organize the batteries by size and store them in a container that makes it easier to find what you need at any point.

I bought a tackle box with removable dividers that works exceptionally well. It is translucent, so you know what is inside at a glance.  With its handle and secure lock, so you can carry it safely.  The removable dividers make it easier for you to create the kind of spaces you need, according to the type and amount of batteries you may have, even if the supply changes over time.  You can even store accessories such as battery chargers in the same bin.