Imagine a store window with so much stuff in it that you can’t focus on anything.

Imagine a model home spectacularly designed, but clutter covers countertops, closets are full to the brim, and boxes are all over.

Imagine a hotel room with a closet full of toilet paper, paper towels, even diapers of various sizes, and a box of plastic bags. There are extra blankets folded on the bed and chairs. The bathroom cabinets are full of toiletries.

Imagine if The Container Store had a showroom with a closet full of mismatched hangers, clothes jammed on top of each other, and store supplies boxes crammed under the clothes.

These are the points I want to convey with the previous scenarios:

    • We can’t organize clutter.
    • A cluttered place will never look elegant, inviting, organized, nor appealing.
    • Clutter will hide any space’s beauty.
    • Less is more when it comes to elegance.
    • Clear space is to a home what a wide, white mat is to a work of art – It highlights the beauty of what it surrounds.

Oftentimes we can’t let go of things we no longer need or want. This difficulty might be rooted in fear of not having something when we need it (if we ever need it). But many times, we don’t even know we have what we own and end up buying duplicates anyway.

Other times we believe we are throwing money away if we discard some of our possessions. But here is the thing, we spend money when acquiring stuff, not when tossing them. Frequently keeping things costs us more money than letting them go.

In the meantime, that fear of letting go holds us hostage to a cluttered environment – a home in disarray and chaos. Whether we notice or not, our life energy gets sucked into this tornado of stuff. That cluttered space prevents us from enjoying the things we keep. When everything seems unique, then nothing is.

I invite you to take the plunge and free yourself or so many useless possessions. Re-evaluate your relationship with things. The less we own, the easier it is to keep up with what we have, and the more we start appreciating everything – material possessions or otherwise.

I can partner with you on this journey! Let’s talk.