Mise En Place is a culinary term that describes the act of gathering, preparing, and organizing all your ingredients and materials before you start cooking. 

Mise En Place refers to the physical setup of the process. It also refers to the mental readiness to get the job done. Of course, we need a kitchen with the right ingredients to prepare exquisite, nutritious meals. But a confident physical and psychological readiness are also necessary.

The Kitchen Reset

I graduated from the Forks Over Knives vegetarian cuisine course taught by the Rouxbe Cooking School a few years back. Not surprisingly, the very first assignment was called the “kitchen reset.” 

In the kitchen reset, we were to:

  1. Discard all ingredients contrary to the plant-based philosophy.
  2. Acquire those ingredients needed to prepare the meals.
  3. Organize both the pantry and the refrigerator.

The Organized Kitchen and Mise En Place

This assignment made me think of the tight relationship between having an organized kitchen and the Mise En Place concept. 

When we have an organized pantry and refrigerator, we can easily monitor the freshness and inventory of the products. That’s a big step in favor of nutritional quality and budget control. Also, having an organized kitchen allows one to achieve that mental and emotional readiness required to be efficient at and enjoy the process of cooking.

Organized and clean kitchens are more inviting, so we use them more often than messy, cluttered kitchens. Owners of such kitchens enjoy cooking and tend to cook healthier meals.

So, to enjoy cooking healthier meals, start by organizing your kitchen.

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