Moving is the ideal time to call a Professional Organizer, but do not wait until the week before the move (seriously, please don’t!). The best time to contact an Organizer is at least six months ahead of the move.

Benefits of Moving with the help of an Organizing Professional

Engaging a Professional Organizer in the process of moving has multiple benefits.

Faster Sale

An organized home sells faster. Clutter in a home speaks of the lack of storage and makes the home look smaller. Conversely, a well-appointed house conveys the idea of larger spaces and good storage. Potential buyers will always open cabinets, closets, and drawers that come with the home. Hiding the clutter instead of managing is not an alternative!

Less Expense

Why pay to pack and move things that will end up discarded anyway? Simplify the process and save money by discarding or donating what you no longer need or want, particularly downsizing.

Logical Packing

It is easier to see what you own and to make decisions about your possessions when things have a single, logical place. Then it is easier to pack room by room.

Easier Unpacking

Packing room by room makes it easier to unpack on the other side. With straightforward unpacking, the home is set up faster, in an organized, logical way. 

Let Go Of The Clutter

In her book Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, Karen Kingston writes:

“When you move, faced with the daunting task of packing everything to take it to a new location, it becomes easier to see what fits with your new life and what doesn’t, what’s worth taking with you and what isn’t. You look at each item from a very different standpoint. Some people drag everything from one home to the next without sorting through or discarding anything. Even if you’re not planning to move at the moment, you can make a tremendous shift in your relationship to your clutter by imagining that you are. Let go of everything you wouldn’t consider worth paying a company to pack and transport for you. Clutter cause people to have small lives. There’s no space for big ideas, inspired vision, or making a difference. People attached to their clutter become stuck in their own world”.

Start Fresh

Moving is the best opportunity to get organized and start fresh. Your new space is a blank canvas. So, declutter your home for a faster sale and an easier move and make space for new possibilities in your life. Call a Professional Organizer to help you!