What is more exciting than moving to your new home? Moving to a new home where everything has a place, everything looks beautiful, and the space is functional. That is! And that is why you should hire a Professional Organizer to help you throughout your moving process.

Careful Packing

I used to joke and say I was sure that packers and movers always had a competition going on, and the winner is the person that can pack the most unrelated items the fastest. I have seen far too many packing jobs where we find trashcans with actual trash in them, together with kitchen stuff and even clothes. And when the packing does not include labeling or inventory, good luck finding what you might need from any of those boxes!

An Organizer will pack your move carefully, thus better protecting your belongings. The process is even more efficient given that the Organizer will apply careful labeling and prepare comprehensive inventories for the boxes. Having packed your move with care and purpose allows the Organizers to unpack your move with the same care and efficiency at your new place.

Move Only What You Still Want and Need

Often people pay to move lots of stuff that they do not want or need anymore. A Professional Organizer can help you decide what you want to move. Selecting what you want to move beforehand saves effort, packaging material, and money. Working with an Organizer allows you to purge unwanted items before packing.

The prepacking process has another benefit to it- things get allocated where they belong and with related items. This results in a logical packing that makes unpacking much easier later on.

Coordination with Other Parties

Organizers can work with your contractor or designer to ensure every space of your new home is maximized and efficient. The earlier in the process you engage an Organizer, the more opportunity they will have to work with contractors and other resources on your behalf.

Preparing Your New Home and Careful Unpacking

The Organizer can fit your new place with systems to suit your lifestyle – modifying closets, creating built-in organizing solutions, translating previous systems used in your last home, or lining shelves and drawers. The Organizer prepares your new home for you and yours to feel like you belong from the very start. With careful unpacking, everything finds a logical place, and everything is beautifully appointed.

Welcome home!