It Starts with Halloween

Let’s see…It’s Halloween and you have precisely the stuff you need to create the theme you are going for this year. You know this because you have that neat area in your garage dedicated to holiday décor where every box is labeled. Decorating will be a breeze!

This year you are dressing up and having fun with the neighbors on Halloween!

Actually, you are enjoying it even more because this year you know how easy it is to put everything away (and while your kids are at school, you can eat all their candy!).

Then Thanksgiving Arrives

While putting all the Halloween décor away, you obviously want to take out all the Thanksgiving stuff. This also proves to be a no-brainer since it is all well organized. What used to be a grumpy task is now an enjoyable thing to do.

And just like that, Thanksgiving has officially started in your home. Time to think of the menu and the guests, and football, and all that comes with it. But guess what? You do have the time and bandwidth to think about all that now.

Your home is decorated, organized, clean, and ready for holiday guests because after that initial effort and investment last year (when we worked together in organizing your home and all the storage), you have maintained the place.

On Thanksgiving Day, you can eat all you want and blissfully go into a food coma while watching football.

And Before You Know It…

When recovered, it will be time to decorate for the major holiday of the year and put all Thanksgiving stuff away.

This time though, everyone wonders how this process became so easy – everything is organized, accessible, and clean.  Family members are more willing to cooperate! You are in a jolly mood. It is a wonderful atmosphere.

Needless to say, you do have time to go shopping (if that’s what you like) or tackle all your gift shopping online in a couple of hours.

Since your home looks, smells and feels like the holidays, you have the most wonderful time gift wrapping. It helps that you have a great gift-wrapping station stocked with everything you need for this purpose (of course!).

Probably It’s Not You (Yet)

Okay, this is probably not your case. You need to contact My Space Reclaimed now.  Let’s start planning and organizing now, so the picture described above gets to be your story.

People go frantic during the holidays cleaning and organizing the home to receive guests, decorating for the season, planning for special activities, shopping for gifts, gift-wrapping, planning the famous holiday picture, mailing gifts and cards, cooking…

But with a home that had been neglected for some time, season decorations shoved in all possible areas of the home and the garage, a lack of systems, and disorganization, it is very hard to feel at ease, properly decorate, have time to buy gifts (much less to gift wrap them), cook, or do any coherent planning.

That does not sound much like the jolly spirit.

Shining A Light On Your Home

These activities can be enjoyed if supported by a strong foundation comprised of organization and efficient systems for the home and the processes within. Then there is time to be proactive.

No other time of the year shines a light on our home and family life as the holidays. Our home is where we cozy up with friends and family to celebrate, cook, and eat, and drink while it is cold outside. Make your home that inviting nest that truly speaks of love, gatherings, family, and joy.

Be Proactive

So be proactive this year! Start analyzing now which home processes can be more efficient, what changes does your home need to feel and look its best, and what home areas need reorganization.

The holidays are around the corner, and we would love to ease your burden during this time. Contact My Space Reclaimed and see how we can help you.