What’s the deal with all that packaging? Medicines and supplements come with an extraordinary amount of packaging that they no longer need once those items get home. Remove all that at once and make the product part of your home. 

Medicines and supplements are usually found all over the home. New bottles, half-empty bottles, expired products, OTC stuff… Medication and supplements take up a lot of space in our homes. It is hard to account for the product on hand and even harder to track them for expiration and reordering.

Here are some suggestions to save space when storing medication and supplements at home. These suggestions help track the supply at hand and define the reordering process.


Whether you get your medicines and supplements by mail or pick them up at the store, you probably have an excess of bottles and extra packaging complicating your space.  

Many medications and supplements come with excess packaging. It is unthinkable to go through it daily to get your medications. 

Thus, it makes sense to strip your medications and supplements from all unnecessary packaging as soon as they enter your home. Better be done with that at once!


Most supplements and medication bottles come half empty. How about consolidating all that product? Do so when the product is the same type with a similar expiration date.

I have consistently decreased the number of bottles I get by half by consolidating their contents. The amount of unnecessary packaging I remove is considerable. I save a lot of space in my cabinets just by doing this. 


Store ingestible medicine and supplements in a single place in your home, preferably in the kitchen. 

The bathroom is suitable for therapeutic and medicinal products that are not ingestible. We apply These products to the skin, hair, nose, mouth, and teeth (both OTC and prescribed). This group might include the contents of a first aid kit, for example.

Having these two distinct categories of medication properly allocated and stored allows for better tracking of the product on hand and facilitates prescription reorder management with the pharmacy.

It boils down to how diligently you can manage packages that enter your home and what you do with them, medication or otherwise.

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