When we feel overwhelmed or sad, we tend to let go of things around us that are not urgent or important.

But the last thing you should do when faced with adversity or you “don’t feel like it” is to throw the structure and plans out the window.

Instead, do those chores, follow that routine, and excel.

Keeping your routines in place and focusing on what you need to do, despite how you feel about it, is vital to avoiding future trouble.

Let’s say you are feeling sad, and as a result, you recoil and decide to stop chores. You’ll likely soon have to deal with the same heartache plus all the things you left undone.

Your proverbial strike won’t make your pain go away. Ignoring your chores won’t make them disappear, either.

Things pile up, especially those we consider unimportant. And many “unimportant” things together have the power to take us down and overwhelm us even more. But overwhelming feelings won’t help you get over any heartache anyway.

On the other hand, if you keep doing what you must (despite your feelings and the circumstances), you come out on the other end with an enormous sense of achievement, feeling in control of your environment. That feeling will feed your spirit to continue moving forward.

Although some circumstances in life take us down, body, mind, and soul, I’m not referring to those instances but emotions that overwhelm or shut us down.

For example, the emotions behind your clutter are paralyzing in many instances. However, what’s needed to overpower clutter is, ironically, that action you don’t seem equipped to take. In this case, the solution is letting your mind, not your heart, guide you. Go on “automatic pilot” if you must.

Ultimately, you’ll have accomplished what needed to be done. You’ll smile and proudly whisper, “I’ve got this.”

Okay. See you on the other side.