Systems are fundamental in organizing. In fact, systems take organization to the next level. Organization seeks to enhance life and make any space more functional. It’s not a matter of tidying things up. How we interact with items and the space defines the upkeep and efficiency we are able to enjoy as a result of the organizing process.

Let’s take this kitchen cabinet as example.

The Kitchen Cabinet Situation

  • This cabinet had lots of cookbooks and recipe binders.

  • It also had a myriad of serving items.

  • The books were stacked sideways because some did not fit the space.

  • Recipe clippings were sticking out of books and binders.

  • Nothing was labeled or had hand-written Post-it notes.

Kitchen Cabinet


  • Recipes were difficult to remember, identify, or use.

  • Meals were boring, repetitive, and unhealthy.

  • Medicine and supplement bottles occupied the lower shelf of this cabinet.

  • Taking meds and supplements was inconsistent because of the sorting and opening of bottles required, and it was hard to remember who took what and when

The kitchen cabinet needed some tweaking to become a functional cabinet with valuable, organized content.

The Process

  1. Removed all cabinet contents.
  2. Sorted through contents and removed what was no longer wanted or needed.
  3. Adjusted shelves to fit even the tallest book.
  4. Allocated specific areas for things that stay.
  5. Created a recipe management system.
  6. Photocopied, cut, and pasted recipes on 4″ X 6″ index cards.
  7. Classified recipes by dish type and organized them in index card boxes.
  8. Labeled index card boxes with their corresponding recipe categories.
  9. System benefits: mixing/matching cards creates a week’s worth of healthy, varied meals
  10. Created a medication management system by sorting pills according to dosage/time of intake. Everyone knows where, what, when, and how to get their meds.

Developing systems improves space usage efficiency.

Having systems that increase productivity and make life easier is one of the most valuable benefits of working with a Professional Organizer. 

If you want to experience some organizing magic, let’s talk! We’d love to hear about you and see how we can help.