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Fighting Back Contagious Illness At Home

There is no better remedy to cure me of an illness than cleaning! Although that is not my line of business, I admit I am a self-proclaimed eminence in this field. I don’t always clean joyfully, but how I love the feeling when everything is squeaky clean and shiny! I...

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So You like That Pinterest Pantry?

When you are attracted to a certain organization project photo, like a “Kardashian pantry”, for example, it is primarily because of a well-executed, appealing design. That design, though, is the cherry on the sundae. There are several layers of work underneath that...

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Holiday Décor (Oh Joy!)

Few things seem to bring the house chaos to the surface like the holiday season. The gatherings, the cooking, decorations, the cold weather that makes us stay closer inside. The stability of our environment (or lack thereof) is exposed and put to the test like no...

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