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Digital Clutter Is A Thing

Digital clutter is real. Although it is present in many ways, its lack of physical appearance allows us to ignore it. Digital clutter appears as a disorganized desktop, misplaced electronic files, multiple copies of the same documents, and misspelled file names, among...

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“When” Matters

I discuss the concept of mindfulness quite often. Mindfulness is fundamental to a meaningful life. Mindfulness is being in the moment, each moment, noticing our actions, reactions, and feelings toward others and the environment.  Mindfulness puts seemingly ordinary,...

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7 Big Tips for Decluttering

Here are some fantastic words of wisdom from Joshua Becker, host of Uncluttered, and founder of Becoming Minimalist. 7 tips for decluttering  Identify the purpose of a room and get rid of anything that doesn’t serve that purpose. If this sounds a bit stoic, hang in...

Maristella is a ball of energy. She whipped my small condo into shape and helped maximize the space. She pushed me to let go of old things I no longer needed to make room for clarity.

Jodi, Dallas

My Space Reclaimed blessed my family and our home! Maristella reorganized my kitchen, and did an outstanding job! The time and money was very much worth the investment. She helped me purge and organize to achieve maximum efficiency, and put systems in place so that we can maintain the space. We experienced total peace this weekend. I am looking forward to working with My Space Reclaimed again to help me restore peace and balance in our lives. A great experience!

Deris R. McKinney – March 2020