My Best Client Sessions Are In The Bathroom

My Best Client Sessions Are In The Bathroom

One way or another I tend to end up having my best client sessions in the bathroom.  It is interesting (and sometimes hysterical) how consistently and naturally this happens! Let me explain.

There is a lot to be explored about how people use their space and how they move around. As an Organizer, it is important for me to retrace the clients’ steps throughout their space and understand their routines to see areas of opportunities to improve their systems and their lives. Only by retracing my clients’ steps and moving in their spaces the way they do or having them show me how that happens, can I best notice their roadblocks to efficiency or where their systems fail. This is how amazing solutions come to life.

When clients understand the importance of this, they get on board. Sometimes they get so excited, they take me by the hand and want to show me how they do virtually everything around the house. So, even though this happens all over the house, the fact is that most of the time we end up in the bathroom!  

And We End Up In The Bathroom

One example of a bathroom meeting is about the shower caddy. I personally have always been against typical shower caddies that we hang on showerheads. With those, you would have the water streaming in your face while you reach out for your products. Do you shower facing the shower or with your back to the water stream?

It seems this is a debate comparable to which is the correct way to install the toilet paper roll. If you don’t like the traditional shower caddy, for example, you will need a different solution. Maybe the corner tension pole with baskets is for you. But wait! What if you have high or vaulted ceilings or crown moldings in the bathroom ceiling? There might be unforeseen challenges, but I will always find a solution! It is important that we walk the walk together. 

As an Organizer, the right way will be the way that my clients prefer. But whatever that way might be, being aware of how they move around and use their space allows me to see where I can improve their systems or suggest alternatives to make life easier. 

This Truly Happened

Oh… but timing and context can make this really interesting! I can’t help but recount one of these bathroom adventures. 

A man called me once to help him develop systems, especially in relation to his clothes, bathroom, and laundry routines. This was a very interesting multi-level, high profile, bachelor’s apartment. Because he needed systems in those areas, it was important to explore his routine and habits regarding his clothes. We started the tour of the place and eventually made our way to the third story, where his major area of concern was; the closet/bathroom area. Sure enough, as fate would have it, his girlfriend arrived in time just to hear me say: “Would you like to undress in the bedroom instead of here in the bathroom? Luckily, she knew her boyfriend had hired a Professional Organizer. She was absolutely gracious. Then we started talking about where she would undress! The system needed to work for both, after all.

I love my job! Although every case is different, it seems like we always end up discussing productivity and efficiency in the bathroom, though.

That Recent Mari Kondo / Container Store Alliance

That Recent Mari Kondo / Container Store Alliance

Remember when I wrote about the fact that Mari Kondo helped people get rid of clutter and taught them how to fold shorts and underwear in a particular way? 

At that time, my whole point about her method was that she was not into a professional organization. Not really. 

At that time, I commented that if you need systems to improve organization and efficiency, if you need to uncover the root causes for your disorganization, or if you are looking to break free from a life of disorganization, what you need is a Professional Organizer.  No Mari Kondo would help you there.

This might still be true – I am not sure of that at this moment- I have not revisited the criteria I used at that time to reach my conclusions.  If you would like to revisit the blog post, here it is. Professional Organizer Vs. Mari Kondo (round374)

But I do think Mari Kondo has bent the knee to the point on aesthetic value and design.  Her latest alliance with The Container Store proves it! 

I clearly remember the days when she had nothing to say about containers other than “containers and pretty baskets are totally unnecessary”. The point seemed to be that there is nothing of importance in her process beyond decluttering. This is precisely what I was trying to point out.  What comes after decluttering is as valuable or even more important even.

Seems like things have changed. If you visit The Container Store’s website, the first thing you see is Mari Kondo’s face. I remember when she did not want anything to do with the store and vice versa. Containers and pretty baskets are not important? 

This new alliance with The Container Store does not make Mari Kondo a Professional Organizer, but at least now she seems to concede the point that after decluttering, system and “pretty baskets” are needed to enhance efficiency, create systems to keep the clutter at bay, and that aesthetics are needed for the organized space to be properly respected and kept. 

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