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Wind. Water. Balance.

yin 34549 300x300 - Feng ShuiDo you sometimes feel “stuck” or that things in your life are not “right”? You might feel unhappy or strangely out of place in your living environment, or that things that once made you happy have lost their appeal. Feng Shui can help put your life back in balance.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of managing, balancing, and harmonizing our environment, attuning it to the energy around us. Everything in the universe is connected by vital energy. This energy is called “Ch’i”. All aspects of a person’s life can be improved if Ch’i is channeled in the most balanced way possible.

We want to harvest the Earth energy that constantly flows. The energy of Earth flows, whether we feel it or not. This energy might be helpful to the attainment of our goals. When this is the case, we want to harvest this positive flow of energy into our lives. Sometimes, this energy does not seem to favor our endeavors or support our health. In this case, we want to get out of the energy’s path.

The principles of Feng Shui help us understand and either harness or counteract the effects of Earth’s energy upon us.

Take the next step into living your best life! Let’s harness the power of positive energy coming your way to help you attain your goals in life!

I always knew that I could be more organized – just did not know how to get there. Maristella helped me get there. She is fun, detail oriented, puts things in perspectives I never thought of. She explains her decisions in a very clear way. There have been times when I wanted to bring in something new at work but then WWMD? pops into my head. (What Would Maristella Do?)

-Cristina, Dallas

Maristella delivers what she promises and SO MUCH MORE! As a busy mom with 2 young boys it’s nearly impossible to stay on top of things. I didn’t know exactly HOW disorganized and poorly functioning my home was until after this experience. It is truly a life changer.

-Jennifer H. Dallas – December 2019

My Space Reclaimed blessed my family and our home! Maristella reorganized my kitchen, and did an outstanding job! The time and money was very much worth the investment. She helped me purge and organize to achieve maximum efficiency, and put systems in place so that we can maintain the space.  We experienced total peace this weekend. I am looking forward to working with My Space Reclaimed again to help me restore peace and balance in our lives. A great experience!

-Deris R. McKinney – March 2020