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Do you live in chaos but do not understand why? Do you stop to think about the fundamental truths about becoming and remaining organized? I bet you do not. I do but organizing is my life. And because I do think about this constantly, I am giving you some interesting, thought-provoking ideas to keep in mind. Some might resonate with you. Becoming and remaining organized is more than a process. It is a way of life.

The Organizing Process

Follow these 10 steps when organizing your space and take anxiety and frustration out of process. For many, organizing is a dreadful challenge. When you have a system and follow a specific process, you remove much of the uncertainty and fear. Then it all looks less daunting. Uncovering the reasons that prevent you from being organized might take a while. In the meantime, bypass this step and get organized. You will start feeling much better and probably will be in a better position to explore the underlying reasons for the chaos around you.

Packing Lists

Have you forgotten essential things when traveling? Do you experience long nights packing before your trips? Good news! It’s not you, it’s your system. With well-thought, pre-made packing lists, you will never again forget what you need. These lists are very comprehensive yet efficient for simplifying your travel. Feel free to make your own version, if needed. Laminate them and while you pack, it will be easy to check out what is already packed. Erase the marks with a wet cloth and include the list in your suitcase so you never forget your things at your destination.

Move-In Household Essentials

Imagine moving into a new home with just your clothes, a few valuable items, and your files… Then intentionally bringing into your space only what makes your home functional and appealing; and surrounding yourself with what speaks to your soul.

I bet you would be in a much better position to achieve your life’s goals and be happier. Perhaps for the first time ever, you will say the word “home” and feel in your body the calm and joy your home should give you.

Excessive belongings clutter your life, impede your progress, and shut doors to better things. What if you could start anew, the right way, without the distraction of everything in your life that you do not even recognize?

This Move-In Household Essentials list contains what a well-appointment home needs, without clutter or excess. It is a bold and infrequent situation to move, leaving all behind – although I have helped some do just that and the results are inspiring. Next to leaving everything behind, this list might be the best thing.

This guide should inspire you to see what you have that do not need, and what you need but do not have. If you take some time to think about it, you will hopefully achieve the uncluttered, organized, inviting home you have always dreamed of.

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After a year, I am still applying the lessons Maristella gave me. My place looks just as neat and organized as it did when she finished. It has been so nice, to walk into my closet and just be able to get what I need. Sometimes I find myself just standing in there admiring how neat and organized it is. The difference is like opening a window on a beautiful Spring day. Seriously. The money invested in this peace of mind and soul has paid me back every single day since she was here.

-Rox F., Dallas, TX

Maristella is a great consultant, motivator, inspiration, digging through the roots of my “organized chaos” and spreading her positive energy to my upcoming organized and reclaimed living spaces. Her ability to help me refocus and to empower me will be a lasting gift.

– Hope, Dallas

Very detailed and continues to update you every step of the way. Wonderful ideas that I will continue to use from here on out. A true professional that exceeded all expectations. I will continue to use them on a quarterly basis. Cannot thank them enough!

– Kathryn, Melissa