Home Organizing

Hands-On Organizing

My Space Reclaimed organizes every space in your home with meticulous attention to detail, systems that improve functionality, and aesthetic considerations. Our work results in a space transformation that encompasses design, order, efficiency, beauty, and energy balance.

Prepare to be amazed by your home. It is difficult to fully appreciate the hidden potential it entails. But when your space is optimized and organized, your perspective completely changes – about your home and about your life!

Fall in love with your home again. Discover the true potential of your home. The possibilities are endless.

Organization Roadmap

The Roadmap is the ideal solution for clients seeking to complete their project on their own, with the help of a plan or some guidance.

This is a 2-hour on-site, in-depth consultation with the client. Based on the client’s needs and goals, we assess the space in terms of structure, function, design, and organization. When preparing solutions and ideas to suggest, the client’s lifestyle, preferences, routines, and learning style drive the process.

After the session meeting, the client receives a detailed step-by-step game plan per project area, plus suggestions on products, systems, and services or providers to assist in the completion of the project.

This is a plan that will confidently carry the client forward in the process of maximizing the home’s potential.

Maristella’s business is called “My Space Reclaimed.” This is exactly what she delivers. She does not simply organize the home and belongings; she provides holistic, comprehensive systems and methodologies to improve the day to day household management and enhance life. My house is now a true home, a place that feels warm, comforting and like living in a resort.  Maristella listens to the customer, quickly understands their priorities, and lifestyle desires.  Then provides customized solutions to achieve those goals. She applies strategies to improve your organization in the future. This company, this personally humanized service, provides far more than consulting and advice. In Maristella, you get the real passion, expertise, and skill set that demonstrates her gifts at helping others reclaim their spaces and improve their lives. I will be bringing her back and recommend her and her company without reservation. This engagement with “My Space Reclaimed” exceeded my expectations and was worth every penny invested!

Rod S. McKinney - November 2019

But when my closet was done, I cried and did the happy dance. This was part of a long-held dream of a beautiful master bathroom and closet area. My expectations were exceeded. She helped me let go of things I had no idea I needed to let go of. I am getting further educated on some habits I need to break.  Feeling like a kid about this “stuff” and gently being reminded what the cure is. My Space Reclaimed takes Mari Kondo to the next level!

Sonya R. McKinney– August 2019