Moving Out

The process of moving is stressful on many levels. When we move, we are forced to see and evaluate what we own. Oftentimes the process of facing our stuff stirs up memories or fears we have not dealt with. But moving is the ideal time to get rid of what does not serve our life purpose anymore. If we do not get organized at this moment, we miss an incredible opportunity to start fresh and tackle this difficult process head on.

When you declutter and organize your house in preparation for a move, you can decide what to discard, saving money by not moving what you don’t need anymore. This results in a more relaxed packing and moving process. Knowing what stays and what goes allows you to pack logically, which makes the unpacking a breeze when you get to your new home. In the process of helping you, we can organize and stage your home. A home that is organized and staged shows better and sells faster.

New Home Set Up

The best opportunity to start fresh and organized is when you move into your new home. Let’s help you feel at home as soon as possible.

Once you get to your new home, we can unpack your home in a logical manner, organize all your belongings and establish efficient systems so your home is up and running as soon as possible. Your new space will be staged as well so you feel at home in no time! We’ll even break down the boxes for you.

As a wife and mom to a six-year old and newborn, Maristella saved my marriage and sanity by organizing our brand-new home in a brand-new state. We miss Los Angeles, but she made our Dallas house feel like home!

-C. Phifer, Keller

After a year, I am still applying the lessons Maristella gave me. My place looks just as neat and organized as it did when she finished. It has been so nice, to walk into my closet and just be able to get what I need. Sometimes I find myself just standing in there admiring how neat and organized it is. The difference is like opening a window on a beautiful Spring day. Seriously. The money invested in this peace of mind and soul has paid me back every single day since she was here.

– Rox F., Dallas, TX

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