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I have worked with Maristella, from My Space Reclaimed, on some challenging organizing jobs. She is light-hearted but at the same time exerts just the right amount of pressure on the client in order to efficiently advance the job. Her ability to make the client feel safe and at peace is outstanding. Maristella is friendly, gentle, and supportive. I observed that clients feel they are moving forward towards the achievement of their goals and that they experience relief working with her.

-Clarissa, Lewisville

I always knew that I could be more organized – just did not know how to get there. Maristella helped me get there. She is fun, detail oriented, puts things in perspectives I never thought of. She explains her decisions in a very clear way. There have been times when I wanted to bring in something new at work but then WWMD? pops into my head. (What Would Maristella Do?)

-Cristina, Dallas

Maristella transformed our home!! I can’t use enough words to express how grateful we are for her. She helped organize our home to be functional and yet homey. She worked with my husband to surprise me with my dream closet! She is very caring and very knowledgeable. When things needed to be thrown away or donated, she handled my feelings so well and helped me understand why they were unnecessary things. Highly recommend her to anyone! No job is too big or small. She will change your life!!

– Jami C. – Frisco, TX