The Grass Is Greener?

The Grass Is Greener?

I think we can all agree we like this picture.

What would this place look like with dirty dishes on the counter, some lights burned out or mixed colors, plastic wraps and carton boxes on chairs, an overflown trashcan, and toiletry items on the counters? Magic gone!

I like featuring beautiful interiors and exciting buildings on my feed to get my viewers acquainted with their aspirational beings.
It does not matter what you own or how expensive your home is. No design or expensive stuff will ever stand out in a dirty and cluttered space.

Who doesn’t like a hotel room? Of course, we all like hotel rooms because they represent a new place, and the experience is out of our routine. But I’d bet the neatness and simplicity of a hotel room have a lot to do with how we experience that space. That neatness and simplicity is no accident — it is by design.

Think about the magic that a staged model home exerts. Yet, even if you purchased that same model home you liked so much, as soon as those disjointed, mixed-up boxes arrived on moving day, the magic would be gone before you could realize what happened.

The thing is that no matter where you live or what you own, it is possible to have a place that excites you to gasp. You can be in love with your own home! It takes attention and intention.

Yet, many miss this opportunity, taking their own home for granted. They stop paying attention to details; forget to repair broken items; use their home as storage space (instead of living space). When we stop paying attention to our environment and what we keep, clutter creeps up.

And we stop paying attention when we live mindlessly. And it is easier to get to that point when we have so much stuff that we can no longer pay attention to anything. Nothing seems unique anymore. Consequently, we turn blind to mess and beauty alike.

That makes me think of family relationships; after some years of marriage, some people start taking their partners for granted, stop trying, get bored, and don’t care. What if we tried to keep the magic alive?

Is the grass greener elsewhere? I don’t think so. So, keep your grass green and enjoy it.

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