My Best Client Sessions Are In The Shower

My Best Client Sessions Are In The Shower

It’s true. One way or another, my best client sessions are in the shower.

It is interesting how consistently and naturally this happens! But let me explain.

There is much to explore about how people use their space and move around in their homes. As an Organizer, I need to retrace the clients’ steps throughout their home space and understand their routines to see opportunities to improve their systems and lives. 

Only by moving in their space the way they do or having them show me how that happens can I best notice their roadblocks to efficiency or where their systems fail. And this is how amazing solutions come to life.

When clients understand this process’s importance, they get on board. Sometimes, they get so excited they take me by the hand (literally) to show me how they do (virtually) everything around the house. 

And even though this happens all over the house, the fact is that most of the time, we end up in the bathroom! But how and why? 

How We End Up In The Shower

The bathroom conversation usually concerns toiletries, particularly shower products and the shower caddy. 

I have always disliked the typical shower caddies we hang on showerheads. With those, you have the water streaming in your face while you reach out for products. 

Do you shower facing the shower or with your back to the water stream? That determines the shower product solution that works for you.

This debate seems comparable to the correct way to install the toilet paper roll. 

For example, if you don’t like the traditional shower caddy, you will need a different solution. The corner tension pole with baskets may be for you. But what if you have high or vaulted ceilings or crown moldings in the bathroom ceiling? There might be unforeseen challenges to using the corner tension pole caddy.

However, that doesn’t matter because we will always find the best solution if we walk the space together! 

As an Organizer, the right way will be the way the client prefers. But whatever that way might be, being aware of how they move around and use their space allows me to see where I can improve their systems or suggest alternatives to make their life easier. 

This Truly Happened

Oh, timing and context can make this interesting! I can’t help but recount one of these bathroom adventures.

A man called me once to help him develop systems, especially concerning his clothes, bathroom, and laundry routines. 

It was an exciting, multi-level, high-profile bachelor’s apartment. Because he needed systems in those areas, it was necessary to explore his routine and habits regarding his clothes. 

We started the tour of the place and eventually made our way to the third story, where his primary concern was – the closet/bathroom area. 

Sure enough, as fate would have it, his girlfriend arrived just in time to hear me say these exact words: “Do you undress in the bedroom or here in the bathroom? 

Luckily, she knew her boyfriend had hired a  Professional Organizer, and she was gracious. Then we started talking about where she usually undresses! After all, the system needed to work for both.

I love my job! And although every case is different, it seems like we always end up discuss productivity and efficiency in the bathroom.