A Place For Everything and Everything In Its Place

A Place For Everything and Everything In Its Place

We will not give you little “tips and tricks” about how or where to store your things. Instead, I will shed some light on a simple truth that is obvious yet incredibly overlooked.

Do You Need It Out There?

We all need certain things handy. I hear it all the time – “oh, this is out here because we use it all the time, and we needed it handy.” So, let’s consider this for a moment.

If you have already purged everything that does not serve your life anymore, what you keep, by definition, is something that you or your household members need.

If you were to apply the same reasoning of “it is out there because we use it all the time,” everything you own would be “out here.” Add to this all the things you do not need or use frequently that are still in your home, “out there,” because no one cared to put them back where they belong. Can you see the chaos?

You would be surprised at the amount of unused space or underutilized space we find all the time in clients’ homes. The reasoning of “it needs to be out here because we use it all the time” rules.

A Place For Everything and Everything In Its Place

Sorry to break the news to you, but to stay organized, you need to have a place for everything, and you also need to put everything in its place. That is why we find each item a good home in the first place.

It does not matter how wonderfully organized a home ends up; if everyday effort and discipline don’t follow, chaos will return.

A couple of things left out of place due to frequent use will soon justify all other things that we use often left out of place. That mess that drives you crazy will come back.

We create systems and organize, considering accessibility and frequency of use of the things we use the most. After all, the idea behind organizing is to make life easier. But there is a fine line between making life easier and making it so easy that all discipline and effort goes out the window. Things still need to go back to where they belong each time to maintain the home organization. That is key to finding those things again quickly.

Many have trouble understanding their disorganization. Some want to buy containers and additional storage solutions. Others go after the latest trend in organizing, devour books related to the topic and try all sorts of methods. Unfortunately, the result is usually less than satisfactory.

The truth is that none of that matters if you don’t first let go of all the excess in your life, assign a home for everything you own and put everything back in its designated spot after each use. Those three things are fundamental to maintaining an organized space.

We Can Help

You might need help with that initial organizing effort if your home has never been in top shape. The initial organizing of the house can be a profoundly confusing process to many people. If that is your case, do not hesitate to look for help. We can assist you with the initial organizing but, most importantly, help you develop the systems and methods to keep your home space in great shape. Contact My Space Reclaimed, LLC!