11 Key Habits of an Organized Lifestyle

11 Key Habits of an Organized Lifestyle

Organizing is not a project; it is a lifestyle. So, here are 11 key habits of an organized lifestyle. These will make a big difference in your home and how you live.

Make The Bed Every Morning

Making your bed makes the room feel in order and makes you feel accomplished from the time you get up. In addition, this action helps you face the date with a can-do attitude.

Keep A Donation Bag In Each Closet

Having a bag for things you no longer need or want allows you to make those decisions when you think about them. You will have a designated place for these items and won’t need to remember to gather them later. When the bag is full, schedule a donation run. When you put on a piece of clothing that you feel is no longer suitable or is ripped or screams dated, instead of hanging it back (or, God forbid, throwing it on the bed or a chair), you will place that item in the bag.

Create A Home For Everything In Your House

You will decide where things should go based on their use pattern in the home. The important thing is to assign one specific place to each category of items, preferably. If using an object requires storing it in more than one space, set those spaces up. Also, labeling storage areas allows everyone to know where to put things back. And remember, If anything can go anywhere, everything will go everywhere. 

Put Things Back In Their Place

To maintain an organized home, everyone must always return things where they belong. Hence, it is essential to label spaces until everyone knows the proper place for things. “I will put this here for the moment” does not work. It never has. It never will.

Shop Intentionally

The words “free,” “save,” and “discount” act like a drug on the brain. Please don’t fall for it. Before you buy, ask yourself if you need the item and have the space to store it. If not, please walk away. The less you own, the more living area you enjoy in your home, and the less you have to care for.

Remove Extra Packaging 

When bringing home bags or boxes, remove the contents and strip those items of outer packing as much as possible. That is making the stuff truly yours. It also makes the item(s) ready to be organized within your home. This process is a critical step we follow when organizing a space. You want everything as visible and ready to be used as possible. Removing all unnecessary packaging also saves lots of space and makes all items of the same kind look the same. The more homogeneous your collection, the more functional the system is and the prettier your areas look.

Discard Trash At Once

Entertained garbage makes up for most of the clutter in every household. If you commit to removing the packaging of what you bring home, go the distance and trash the garbage instead of allowing all the extra packing to linger around your home until who knows when. 

Process Mail Efficiently

Keep a recycle bin, a shredder, and a tray or sorter to process the mail. Preferably, have your filing cabinet where you process the mail. Most of the mail you receive is junk. Throw it away before it can clutter your home. Also, be a knowledgeable shredder. You only need to shred documents with account numbers, social security numbers, medical information, or bank offers. 

Having a shredder right where you sort the mail immediately lets you take care of this. 

Too often, I find boxes full of documents that need shredding, cluttering my clients’ lives—concerns about safety compound the problem. We accumulate more paper over time when we do not know what to destroy. 

Also, mail sorting and filing systems are critical for processing bills on time and filing what you keep in paper form. 

Plan Ahead

Take a few minutes to prepare for the next day at the end of each day. Evaluate your “to-do” list and set out everything you need to go through your planned errands the next day.

Practice Strategic Scheduling

Scheduling is Logistics 101. College business programs include courses on administration and logistics, with algorithms to determine the optimal sequence of events to complete a project or the most efficient routes to get around. 

Of course, you don’t need to go to such an extent, but you can gain significant efficiency and add more time to each day with some planning.

Clean Out Bags Daily

Whether it is your handbag, weekender, kids’ sports bags, or suitcases, emptying the contents of all bags allows you to assess what needs replacement, washing, trashing, or placing somewhere else. This practice is particularly beneficial in helping you plan for the following day or week. 

If you are a paper kind of person and love to write little reminders and notes to yourself throughout the day, consistently emptying your bag helps you remember that idea you wanted to pursue. Those reminders might be the start of more significant plans in the scope of your life.

Consistency Is Key

These 11 steps might seem like little, but combined and executed consistently, they will make a big difference in your life.