5 Tips For Easier Packing

5 Tips For Easier Packing

Miniature Product Clutter

One of the biggest clutter nightmares in homes is faulty travel habits, from product miniatures (from samples and hotels, to name a couple) to the number of things left unchecked inside suitcases and bags when the trip is over.

5 Tips To Packing Zen

In the context of travel, here are five tips that could streamline your process and keep your environment in better shape.

  1. Designate a place to keep your toiletry miniatures or toiletry empty travel containers. This way, you’ll know where to find what you need when it is time to pack. You’ll also have a controlled inventory of these items. It is easier to notice what needs replacement this way.
  2. Carry-on regulations on liquids and gels make it essential to pay attention to what we pack and how we pack it. Depending on your needs, carry-on packing requires creativity on your part.
  3. Always empty bags and suitcases when returning from a trip. Forgetting this step might result in ruined bags due to product spills. Products can also expire without us noticing. It is easier to start with a blank canvas when packing instead of wondering what we have, where, how much, and if it is expired. Then, we buy duplicates that are unnecessary costs and clutter our space.
  4. Place empty luggage and bags back in their designated area. When we empty bags and suitcases after each trip, we are more likely to place them where they belong. This practice preserves luggage in better condition and keeps our space less cluttered. Many people store their suitcases and bags in their closets, usually with limited storage space. If this is your case, it is critical to have an area where bags adequately fit so your closet remains functional.
  5. List everything needed for each trip you typically make to remove the guessing game from the packing process and avoid forgetting important things. Do this promptly so that these lists are complete. Then, next time you pack in a hurry, your lists will ensure you remember everything.

The Packing Lists

And here’s a little resource for you! These are some packing lists to get you started. These lists have several benefits.

  • Remove the guessing game from the packing process. 
  • Remember necessary items, even when packing in a rush.
  • Consider everyone’s needs. There is a list for everyone in the family.
  • Comply with TSA regulations for liquids, aerosols, gels, and creams in carry-ons.
  • Specify what to pack and how in logical order.
  • Customize these lists to specific needs and circumstances. Be selective when adding items to these lists, though.

Download your packing lists HERE

Pro Tips:

  1. Print these lists separately (both sides of the sheet) and laminate each page.
  2. Check items off as you pack.
  3. Erase the marks and reuse them next time.
  4. Take the lists with you to ensure you bring back everything you packed.