I consider myself an organized person, but as a full time Realtor and new mom, I just didn’t have the time to conquer all of the projects in our home. The garage was always an easy one to push aside. I knew I needed help. Enter Maristella with My Space Reclaimed! She communicates with you how YOU want to communicate. Calls, texts, email. She shares her ideas with you (visuals & verbal), listens to yours, and implements the best from both sides. She’s energetic, passionate, and loves to organize! She even helped us coordinate the new finish on our garage floor. We walk through the garage multiple times a day and it’s so nice to walk through an organized, open, and aesthetically pleasing space that we’re proud of. Money well spent! Thanks again!
Jennifer L.
January 2019
As a wife and mom to a six-year old and newborn, Maristella saved my marriage and sanity by organizing our brand new (unpacked but not organized) home in a brand-new state. We miss Los Angeles but she made our Ft. Worth House feel like home!

C. Phifer
Sept. 19, 2018
Keller, TX

Maristella is a ball of energy. She whipped my small condo into shape and helped maximize the space. She pushed me to let go of old things I no longer needed to make room for clarity.

J. Shriver
Sept. 17, 2018
Dallas, TX

Outstanding service!
Reliable, goes above and beyond what I had asked of them. Very detailed and continues to update you every step of the way. Wonderful ideas that I will continue to use from here on out. A true professional that exceeded all expectations. I will continue to use them on a quarterly basis. Cannot thank them enough!!

Kathryn G.
September 9, 2018
Melissa, TX

My Space Reclaimed was so far superior than really anything I could have ever imagined! My daughter and I desperately needed to start things over in our lives! We knew we needed to start with getting rid of most things and somehow organizing. I thought I could do it, but I didn’t even make a great start. Maristella came in very professionally dressed for the work ahead, smiling, positive and beautiful inside and out. They basically turned the house upside down, shook everything out and started with a blank slate! I’ve never been so impressed with anything in my life! Everything from sorting things for donations, resale, re-purpose, shopping for everything needed for organizing and decorating, sheets, bedrooms, ordering furniture pieces, closets, office, even my dogs’ things! We are thrilled and still have more to go! She is very well connected with other support people to fill other needs also. She’s amazing! The best thing we did was to tell her “You have free reign. You are the expert. Please make the house, and us in it, the way it should be.” Our lives are so much better, peaceful and organized already. By the way, she came in and made heaven out of the aftermath of a serve domestic violence situation. She is an expert and an Angel!

Alice M.
September 9, 2018
Allen, TX

We met Maristella at a community open house event. She successfully modeled how a busy pantry full of stuff could be reorganized and rearranged to become a pantry with easy access to any item you like when stepping in.

Maristella is a great consultant, motivator, inspiration, digging through the roots of my “organized chaos” and spreading her positive energy to my upcoming organized and reclaimed living spaces. Her ability to help me refocus and to empower me will be a lasting gift.

I give Maristella a “10-stars” rating! Perfect consultant for organizing professional and personal living spaces!

Don’t wait too long to call for her professional organizer help!

Thank you Maristella! You are simply AWESOME!

Hope W.,
June, 2018
Plano, TX

Great experience and my garage is at a level like never before and in a way I did not have the skills to get it to!

John D., Arlington
May, 2018

After a year, I am still applying the lessons Maristella gave me and they are working. My place looks just as neat and organized as it did when she finished. The biggest relief is in my closet. What a horrible mess it was!!! It has been so nice, and so much less stressful, to walk in and just be able to go to the item I need. Sometimes I find myself just standing in there admiring how neat and organized it is. The difference is like opening a window on a beautiful Spring day. Seriously. The money invested in this peace of mind and soul has paid me back every single day since she was here. Don’t hesitate if you are at wits end and need help but are unsure you should budget the funds. You should! You will thank me later.

Rox. F., Dallas, TX
February 27, 2018

It’s a delight to write a review for My Space Reclaimed. Our quality of life has improved tremendously because of their work. The job has had a lasting effect and we derive greater enjoyment from our home because of it! They are prompt, professional, and it’s totally worth it to have them upgrade your space.

D.F., Prosper, TX
February 14, 2018

I recently had surgery and wanted to get my craft room unpacked and organized while I am off work. Maristella came in and worked quickly and efficiently. She has offered great suggestions, not only in the craft room but also for other areas of my apartment. We aren’t quite done with the craft room project (I have a lot of stuff), but she made great progress the day she was here. I will have her come back once some of the items I have ordered for organizing arrive. I would highly recommend Maristella of My Space Reclaimed!

Judith F., McKinney, TX
February 14, 2018

I really can’t say enough about My Space Reclaimed. My closet was to me beyond repair and today it looks so amazing I am stunned. Maristrella is a miracle worker!!!

Francine. P.
September 26, 2017

Maristella has a unique ability most of us lack. She does not fear chaos, she embraces it, manages it and breaks it down so it can be tackled by anyone. At some point in our lives we have experienced the horror of moving. The horror for me is still fresh in my mind. In the past five months we moved from a large house to an apartment and in February to yet a smaller apartment. We barely had time to unpack and then it was time to pack again. This is where we lost control of any semblance of order – we gave up and the garage took the brunt of it.

We had now created a deadly obstacle course that could only belong in the Saw Movie Series. I literally need to reclaim my space! My Space Reclaimed, LLC is a clever name and the owner is nothing short of brilliant. Maristella helped me face and manage my fear: being overwhelmed by too many ‘things’, paralyzed to do anything, starting something, not finishing and starting some other project, yet never completing anything.

Flash-forward to March 27th. I read through some reviews and reached out to those that caught my eye. Maristella was the first to respond; her reviews were excellent and the before/after photos only reinforced the 5 Star service she had been given by other customers. I completed a professional questionnaire customizing the services specific to my needs, signed a very comprehensive contract and we set an appointment for the 28th of March. That’s how quickly she was able to accommodate me.

She arrived the next day: punctual, her uniform attire with logo perfectly pressed, every and all cleaning & organizing supplies one can dream of. I was nervous, would she judge? Would we get along? Was I ready to do this? Would she be a slave driver? Was she going to be mean? I was seriously worried for nothing. She was awesome, I liked her immediately. This was a person I wanted to work with. Then the magic began.

My goal was to clean the garage as a surprise before my boyfriend returned from Rome – I had 5 days. To accomplish clearing out the garage and the following tasks was next to impossible: Organize the Fridge Purge Clothing & Closets Separate & Re-Create Men’s/Women’s Closets De-Clutter Bathrooms De-Clutter Laundry Area Organize Pantry Purge & Organize all files, paperwork, etc. Label Files, Pantry Items, etc. Maristella was an inspiration.

The work she does is not easy, but she loves it (I am still shocked that someone could love it, but she does). Plan, designate, focus, attack, finish – this was the process. While she was doing this, I chose to follow suit-it was inevitable that this may not last once she left. I asked her to tell me what to do, direct me and tell me how and tell me how long I should take (every detail needed for someone with raging ADHD). This ends like a fairytale – the goal was met, we did everything we needed to do! Maristella still did most of it, but I realized as a client I also had to buy into the process. It was a great experience and I learned this process that really gets me motivated & moving. Now, there are times when I lose that luster, but I’ve contacted Maristella when this happens and somehow she gets me right on track. I call that beyond responsive and Maristella does go above and beyond expectations. She takes great pride in her work, it is a reflection of her.

Christina M.
June 7, 2017
Fairview, TX

Maristella with My Space Reclaimed was great to work with and she transformed our closet in the most impeccable order. I highly recommend Maristella as she works hard and gives necessary direction of the little things that you may never think of when organizing your clothing articles, but the things that make a difference.

Mellany L.
March 12, 2017
Flower Mound, TX

Maristella, and her partner Anita, are dyed-in-the-wool professionals. They arrived exactly on time, went right to work, and didn’t stop until they were finished. For various reasons, my project was difficult, but their method was meticulous, completely effective, and they successfully achieved everything they told me they would in a single, though long, day. The task was overwhelming to me, yet they didn’t blink an eye as they dove into decades worth of squirreled stuff. I am extremely satisfied with the results. Aside from being very hard workers, they have very warm and cheerful personalities and are completely trustworthy. They immediately made me feel at ease and helped get me over some bumps with a kind yet firm touch. If you are burdened with stored and hidden clutter, and need to refresh your space to maximize efficiency, then do yourself a huge favor and get in touch with Maristella.

Roxanne F.
March 5, 2017
Dallas, TX

Maristella is an amazing home organizer. Not only is she very thorough and polished, but she has also made me feel comfortable at every turn. There has not been a moment when I have felt judged, and Maristella has kept the momentum high and gotten me excited about every aspect of our project. I feel more motivated to be organized than I ever have, and I am completely confident that I can maintain my results using the skills and organizational products that Maristella has shown me.

Tracy M.
February 27, 2017
Plano, TX

I am moving soon, and Maristella helped me organize my home and begin the packing process. I have always struggled with disorganization, and have difficultly finishing projects around my home. Maristella came in with a plan for me and kept me on track during the organization process. She had ideas and a method, but she also listened to me and figured out ways to make things work for me. Maristella also made sure to make things work for my budget. We discussed what I could afford and how much to spend on supplies.

When you struggle with disorganization and clutter, it can be embarrassing to ask for help. I never felt judged, and Maristella gave me lots of tips to keep things organized. She also pointed out clutter traps and some of my habits that contribute to clutter and chaos. For example, I had purses, backpacks, make up pouches, tote bags, and other small bags all over my home filled with work supplies, make up, money, phone chargers, medication, etc. We unloaded every backpack, bag, purse, pouch and I realized how much money I have wasted buying duplicate items. I am throwing money away because I can’t find what I do have and end up buying more.

She helped me sort through things and decide what to keep. Once we decided what items were staying, we found homes for these items. It seems so easy once you finish, but it’s not something that comes easily to me. Maristella stressed that being disorganized is not a character flaw and helped me realize that a few changes will lead to success. I plan to work with Maristella when I move to my new home.

She will assist me to set up systems that will work in my new place. In the past, it has taken me months to unpack or I never fully unpacked my stuff because I was overwhelmed. We discussed how I can do things differently. I have already recommended Maristella to a friend. I look forward to working with her again!

Rebecca S.
Fort Worth – February, 2016

Maristella was great to work with. I moved into a small apartment and there was so little storage, I didn’t know what to do with all my stuff. I still had boxes I had not unpacked from previous moves. I was overwhelmed and kept staring at all the boxes and not doing anything, I resolved to hire a professional organizer and chose My Space Reclaimed based of other reviews.

Maristella contacted me immediately. I was supposed to send her photos of my place but never did because I was embarrassed at the clutter. She was very kind and non-judgmental. We set up an appointment and she came two times. It cost more than I expected but it was worth every penny! Maristella put me at ease immediately. She loves organization and went to work within minutes of arriving. She was at my place for five hours each session and only stopped for 15 minutes to eat lunch.

She is a human dynamo! She was very helpful in establishing zones and deciding where things should go and consolidating. She also helped me get rid of a lot of stuff I didn’t use or need anymore. Because I could never find anything, I had so many duplicates. I highly recommend My Space Reclaimed and Maristella.

Lillian B.
August 14, 2015

The time to tackle the project. I even had clothes from when my son was little, dating from 10 years ago. I really wanted to hire a cleaning company first to have the carpets shampooed and everything clean for the organization process to go smoothly, but Maristella talked me into doing things the other way around to be more efficient. She said that once everything was organized, then the cleaning process could be easier and faster (thus less expensive as well!), with less clutter on the way.

My Space Reclaimed came and found a logical place for everything I owned. They even went out and bought a bunch of items I needed (but had not even realized), like new pillows, things for the kitchen, additional trashcans, etc. They found and hung up my diplomas and some other artwork I had in boxes for years. Many empty boxes and things were no longer needed were discarded. They even did some laundry, in order to fully organize my clothes in the closet and dress my bed to look its best.

When they left, there was so much space, my apartment looked fantastic (they did some staging of the apartment as well) and everything had a logical place. It made sense! I highly recommend Maristella and her company – My Space Reclaimed. They have allowed me to continue to be more organized and I now get things done more efficiently. It’s great to come home to a clean, well organized place.

Adam C.
November 1, 2015

Maristella cleaned up all areas of my home and re-organized and staged them.  Additionally, she provided guidance on alternatives to sell/donate many of the items I was not going to keep. She coached me on how to maintain the organization achieved.  Maristella was creative re-using what I already owned to re-organize my things since I did not want to invest in buying more equipment/supplies for storage.

She was attentive to my needs to have everything visible and at hand. This was a special challenge for her because my home has a severe lack of storage space. Somehow she manage to accomplish the goal, despite this fact. After the physical re-organization of the home was completed, she coached me on time management. I have a complex medical routine to follow, which she decoded and put in an action plan for me to follow.

Maristella was very knowledgeable and understanding. She directed the process in a firm but compassionate way, applying the amount of pressure I think I needed to de-clutter my home. She was patient and went the extra mile.

Susan Q.
Grapevine, TX  – November, 2015

Maristella knew exactly which merchandise I needed and how it would meet my needs. She was very professional and knowledgeable about the store products we needed to buy. A most satisfactory experience from my perspective.

Simone A.
January 2016

I worked with Maristella on a couple of projects and she very detailed-oriented. She takes her time to explain how or why she does things in a certain manner. Her calm demeanor will put anyone at ease as organizing can be stressful for some people.

Amanda C.
Dallas – February 2016

I highly recommend Maristella. She does an excellent job and works very fast. We accomplished a lot in the time we worked together. She carefully listened to what I wanted and meeting my needs was of utmost importance to her. She is fun to work with and very professional. Maristella knows her business extremely well and does an amazing job. I look forward to working with her again on future projects and will recommend her to everyone I know who needs an organizer.
Ginny K.
May 28, 2016
Allen, TX
I always knew that I can (and need to) be more organized – just did not know how to get there. Maristella helped me get there – she is fun, detail oriented, puts things in perspectives I never even thought of, she explains her decisions in a very clear way. Organizing can be stressful even when you know what you are doing – let alone when you have to work and organize at the same time! Maristella, I am very grateful for your help! Will try my best to keep it up – there have been times when I wanted to either bring or keep something new at work, but then WWMD? pops into my head. (Do I need to spell it out? What Would Maristella Do)
Cristina M.
(Corporate Client)
May 9, 2016
Dallas, TX
Had Maristella condense probably 10 years of paper and records and free up good space. Has a quick eye for organization. Certainly can recommend!
Norm S.
May 5, 2016
Dallas, TX
I have worked with Maristella, from My Space Reclaimed, on some challenging organizing jobs. She is light-hearted but at the same time exerts just the right amount of pressure on the client in order to efficiently advance the job. Her ability to make the client feel safe and at peace is outstanding. Maristella is friendly, gentle, and supportive. I observed that clients feel they are moving forward towards the achievement of their goals and that they experience relief working with her.
Clarissa R.
February 10, 2016
Lewisville, TX
I had Maristella help me clean out a guest room/office that had become a dumping ground. She was wonderful! She was great at sorting everything and encouraging me to make decisions on everything. When I tended to say – I’ll think about something, she was great at saying no – let’s decide if you need/want it. And – was great at helping me decide if it really had a place. I will be using her soon to tackle my garage next. Thankful for the weight lifted after cleaning out that room!
Brandi T.
December 17, 2015
Dallas, TX