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These periodic communications will include topics on organization, Feng Shui, color, design, energy management, nutrition, psychology, health, time management, and anything in-between (not all at once, of course). These things are all very related and I hope to be able to show you those connections. My wish is that we all start living more wholesome lives. Considering how all aspects of our environment impact our bodies and minds and at the same time reflect who we are back to us is a crucial step towards that goal.

Regardless of the subject though, for the most part you can expect my usual irreverent take on things to shine through. I will also strive to educate my audience about this relatively new industry of Professional Organization; what is it and what it is not. You will be surprised to learn about the multitude of facets of this profession and the amazing ways a Professional Organizer can help you improve your life. There is a flavor for every person and every need.

I have tons to say about organization, but my approach to the subject is rather provocative. I’d like to present blogs, articles, images, quotes, and thoughts to challenge you and to make you wonder why you do what you do the way you do it. Only when you understand that, will you be in a better place to release patterns that no longer serve your purpose.

Although my intention is to challenge you to discover some answers within yourself, I hope you can laugh at yourself in the process. I do not make it easy for my clients, although I absolutely make them laugh a lot.

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Happy 2021!

It’s been longer than usual since my last TouchPoint edition. Like most people, I have been slacking, following in rhythm with this pandemic. It has been challenging to stay on track, given the comforts of home and family. I must admit I adore staying in with my...

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TouchPoint – June 2020

Welcome Summer! It has been a couple of strange months. This pandemic has made us step back and slow down our frantic pace. The results we are experiencing are simply amazing. We have discovered new ways to work and creative ways to connect, stay healthy and entertain...

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TouchPoint – March 2020

Spring is around the corner!  While writing this newsletter on a beautiful Sunday, I’ve been listening to a couple of birds furiously chirping the whole day out of my balcony. I’m not the only one ready for Spring to come.   With Spring comes new hopes and a fresh...

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Happy New Year 2020!

Welcome to a new year full of opportunities to learn, to grow and transform. It’s a new beginning. This is the perfect time of the year to get the best agenda to suit your needs and start mapping out those goals you might want to achieve in 2020 and beyond. What gets...

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TouchPoint November 2019

What are you grateful for? I believe we should be in perpetual state of gratefulness for each one of us has been blessed with abundant gifts. Even when life throws hard tests our way, upon coming out “on the other side”, we usually see it was all for the greater good....

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Back To School August 2019

Summer vacation is over, but the heat is certainly at its peak. Everybody ready for school? I remember one of my favorite commercials ever from Staples. Here, I dedicate it to my friends with school-age kids: https://youtu.be/CD1PffNbZls Maybe now that kids are back...

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TouchPoint June 2019

Summer is here and with that, two of my children’s birthdays. My oldest turns 16 and now she’s driving. No, I’m not ready for this. No one ever is anyway. Are you all setup for Summer? Vacation, travel, camps? We are not! My world is not that perfectly planned as many...

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TouchPoint April 2019

Your Best Self   Here are some statistics for you (courtesy of NAPO.NET) 80% of what we keep we never use 80 % of what we file never gets looked at again We wear 20% of the clothes we own 80% of the time 25% of people with two-car garages don’t park any cars in...

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TouchPoint February 2019

With 2019 Come New and Better Things Did you know our website has been completely revamped? If you have not seen it lately, please visit us at https://myspacereclaimed.com/. We also have some new business pages on social media! “Like” our new Facebook...

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TouchPoint November 2018

Have you considered this? How many emails do you see when you open your inbox? We complain about the amount of emails we receive, yet we hardly do much to control that. Has it ever crossed your mind that you could turn that around and use your inbox as a tool to stay...

Maristella is a ball of energy. She whipped my small condo into shape and helped maximize the space. She pushed me to let go of old things I no longer needed to make room for clarity.

– J Shriver, Dallas

Maristella Bertram is the owner of My Space Reclaimed and an amazing organizer. I’ve never met someone more passionate about life that expands into her work, and her clients are always so pleased with how she helps them. Maristella is a true master of her craft.

– Beverly C. – Dallas, TX

Very detailed and continues to update you every step of the way. Wonderful ideas that I will continue to use from here on out. A true professional that exceeded all expectations. I will continue to use them on a quarterly basis. Cannot thank them enough!

-Kathryn, Melissa