A Thing of Beauty

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Fall In Love With Your Home Again

Virtual Kitchen Organization

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What To Do After Grocery Shopping

A Different Way To Fold T-Shirts

Taming The Paper Monster

Maristella delivers what she promises and SO MUCH MORE! As a busy mom with 2 young boys it’s nearly impossible to stay on top of things. I didn’t know exactly HOW disorganized and poorly functioning my home was until after this experience. It is truly a life changer.

Jennifer H. Dallas – December 2019

I always knew that I could be more organized – just did not know how to get there. Maristella helped me get there. She is fun, detail oriented, puts things in perspectives I never thought of. She explains her decisions in a very clear way. There have been times when I wanted to bring in something new at work but then WWMD? pops into my head. (What Would Maristella Do?)

Cristina, Dallas

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