Virtual Organizer - Virtual Organizing

Virtual organizing is the perfect alternative for those who need to organize a space, a room, or a entire home, but don’t have the time required to work in longer sessions with an Organizer.

This is a more affordable process. It is ideal for those who would like to complete their projects at their own pace, by themselves, with just the right amount of direction or an accountability partner.

Virtual organizing sessions are very productive when combined with Hands-On Organizing to follow up on assignments and to keep up the momentum.

Getting virtual organizing packages allows clients to use these for their ongoing or recurrent maintenance needs.

This option allows clients a greater level of autonomy and control over the process.  In many cases, it reduces the anxiety that some clients might experience with an Organizer in their space.

By working with an Organizer through virtual sessions, projects can be completed in shorter sessions over a longer time frame.

Virtual Organizing sessions are typically an hour long and require the client to complete assignments. There is accountability in this process. The Organizer will assign the client some of the tasks to be completed as homework and provide support to the client during the project completion.

Maristella is a great consultant, motivator, inspiration, digging through the roots of my “organized chaos” and spreading her positive energy to my upcoming organized and reclaimed living spaces. Her ability to help me refocus and to empower me will be a lasting gift.

- Hope, Dallas

Maristella is a ball of energy. She whipped my small condo into shape and helped maximize the space. She pushed me to let go of old things I no longer needed to make room for clarity.

- Jodi, Dallas

My Space Reclaimed blessed my family and our home! They reorganized my kitchen and did an outstanding job! The time and money were very much worth the investment! We purged, organized, placed items appropriately for maximum efficiency, and put systems in place to maintain the space once organized. They asked me questions to understand why something was the way it was and explained cause & effect. I am looking forward to working with them again. They are helping me restore peace and balance in our lives. Thank you very much - a great experience!

- Deris R. – Arlington (March 2020)

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